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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Lewisville Farmers Market

As a young girl traveling with my family on road trips, we would often stop at roadside markets to purchase locally grown fruits and vegetables. The fresh scent of ripened peaches and cantaloupes conjures an image of sweet childhood days filled with watermelons, peaches, cantaloupes and tall glasses of sugary tart lemonade.

Naturally, I have a special part of my heart set aside for farmer's markets.

One of the highlights of last weekend's Cinco de Mayo festival in Lewisville, Texas was the open air farmers market. This particular market is open every Saturday from 8 am until sell out and runs from early May until early October.

As I walked the area surrounding the Lewisville Farmers Market my eyes were quickly drawn to the violets and creams of firm, robust onions displayed in organized rows.

The rows of crimson, fire, and cheerful yellow added to the myriad of hues creating a warm, edible sea of color. Although no luck could be found at the end of this rainbow, health benefits of mostly locally grown food was sure to be found beneficial to consumers.

The number one food that I surprisingly discovered and bought were these bright red radishes. I've always tried to grow radishes and I have never discovered how to nurture a round large radish. For the price I paid--just 75 cents for this bunch--I immediately snatched them up. Even if it has been since forever that I actually ate a radish.

Then this lady, the proprietor of one of the farmers market booths, was as jolly and enthusiastic as one could imagine. She was also a tad shy, almost hiding behind one of her crisp, green bell peppers. With a smile like hers I could not help choosing a few more items to add to my selections.

Lewisville Texas Farmers Market runs from early May until early October on Saturdays in Old Town Lewisville just east of Interstate 35 and off of Main Street. Shopping begins at 8 am and end at sell out. The Farmers Market is set up in the Wayne Furgeson Plaza in Old Town and is easily accessible.


Chef E said...

I went out to our local one, and they need more vendors, so shabby. Been to some out further, and in the PNW where they support it more. They are huge, and so much cool homemade goods!

I am going online today and take care of those cards, since I am stuck in bed...I explain here...

Expat From Hell said...

Looks like a great market. Coppell is working to get theirs going, but it doesn't look as good as Lewisville. Great photos.


Richard Reeve said...

Our Farmers Market on Sunday mornings is the main social gathering, mixed -denominational and creed that is, in our town through the summer months. It's been interesting watching the farmers over the last four years and noticing the one's that succeed. The social aspect can't be ignored.

Mindee@ourfrontdoor said...

Arrgh. Our farmer's market still just has lettuce and a very few early veggies. I'm jealous.

Screwed Up Texan said...

Chef E...I hope you're not sick!

EFH, Never been to the FM in Coppell. I cant wait to stop at the roadside markets on my roadtrip!

Richard, Social interaction is very important in these settings.

Mindee, Looks like it'll be salad for you...muwhahahaha! Salad is good. :)

WhosPlayin said...

Great photos!

Screwed Up Texan said...

Thanks Steve (Whosplayin)! How did your photos turn out?

Becky said...

We have a good one too but it does not start until after July 4. Of course, we don't have good crops until then! Shorter growing season of course. I wish for fresh tomatoes and blackeyes NOW!

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