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Saturday, June 27, 2009

It Could Be Worse

We pretty much planned our entire trip from Dallas to my long time friend's home in Arizona. However, after we left my friend's home we had absolutely no idea where the heck we were going, except we knew we eventually had to make it to a wedding reception in Price, Utah later that week.

Oh the crazy things you'll do on the spur of the moment--like sleep on a mystery mountain because you're too tired to drive any further. Plus, making up stories about rattlesnake-bears is just way too much fun with three very gullible children.

See, I get those boys back for all the stress they put me through.

On the spur of the moment we decided to visit Montezuma's Castle in central Arizona. It is something I have always wanted to do and since we had plenty of time we figured it was the perfect moment to do so. The perfect moment except we were confused about the time, because as we found out most of Arizona does not observe Daylight Savings Time. So we drove up to the entrance gate to be met by a very nice Park Ranger to be told the monument had just closed. However, she also told us about a very nice campground not too far from Montezuma's Castle.

Beaver Creek something-er-another. It was twenty minutes north that's all I know.

I am so glad we found the campground as it was one of the best ones we stayed at during our vacation. It was an absolutely wonderful place to settle our bodies after several days of intense heat. The campground was cooler in temperature than any other place we had stayed at thus far.

The kids were just happy to get out of the van and play. Their dad took them on a small hike where they found a crawdad in a creek and the boys had fun breaking glow-sticks I had bought at Micheals and then flinging glow-in-the-dark juice all over the inside of the tent. It never did get dark that night.

I think the only real scary moment at the campground was when the kids began picking up large stones and throwing them as high as they could. I barely escaped my own death...or at least a knock out...with that fiasco.

But I have learned to count my blessings that I do have boys that love me as much as I love them. I have discovered that it is all these small things that they do that I find myself laughing about on down the road. I've come to accept that boys really will be boys. It is inherent and naturally born inside of them to be curious.

Look, things could be worse. I know they could be. I read my husband's great-aunt's account of her childhood memories of her brothers:

"While we were living in Spring Glen, father was working in the coal mines that abound in the area. Perhaps the most frightening experience of this time occurred when one evening I was in the yard playing when a truck pulled into the driveway. My father jumped out, and this in itself was strange, because I knew he was working the graveyard shift. When I saw the bandages on his hand, I ran into the house to get mother. It was soon after this that another traumatic accident happened. My older and younger brothers were playing the eternal game of boys that I have never learned the name of, where they attempt to stick a knife up in the lawn in certain positions. I don't know which boy flipped the knife, but it was suddenly in mother's skull and blood was streaming down her face. To this day I shudder when that particular memory comes back."

See, I told you it could be worse.


Jana said...

Oh my good Lord have mercy...I wasnt expecting that!!! Man those kiddos of yours are cute!

NitWit1 said...

Thank goodness for a cool campground!

In N. Arkansas today it was 101 deg. with heat index 0f 115 deg.

Inside the thermostat is set for 77 deg. We both are in shorts and tees. And we are hot! Hot! HOT!

I went to kitchen to fix supper. I felt the filters of the vent hood over the stove which had not been on. The filters were almost too hot to touch. I decided supper would be microwaved...

Hate see what the 4th will bring.

Enjoy your trip and your friend.

I have one in Houston I keep trying to connect with when I go to Texas. We haven't made it yet.

the nightingale said...

That sounds like so much fun! Glad you're enjoying life with your own little family while you can. That's a beautiful (and rare) thing to see. :)

Lily Storm said...

I'm enjoying your blog, having just come across it a short time ago. Enjoy those boys. I only have one boy, and he gave me enough hair raising moments on his own. However, my daughter has been blessed with two boys and its been amusing to see her go from being such a girly girl to adapt to boyish ways. They are so much fun, even if they are a handful!

dyanna said...

Beautiful pictures

Marie said...

Wow sounds like a trip, mountains and camping, I've never been. Loved the post though.

Keith the Practical said...

What fun subject matter. Just ran across your blog yesterday, but I will follow you now. My 16 year old daughter suffers from anxiety disorder and some depression, so you are a bit of hope for me looking to her future.

Screwed Up Texan said...

Jana, I cracked up when I read that excerpt. Definitely not expected.

Nitwit1, Gosh it is hot here in Texas. I think the temp was the same outside as it was inside my car today.

nightingale, don't know what I'd do without them!

Lilystorm, it is so hard being a girl with boys surrounding me every whichaway I turn. I've learned that sometimes I just have to get out and have some girl/me time so I don't go crazy.

dyanna, Thank you!

Marie, I definitely recommend that if you've never been camping to stay at a state park which usually has bathrooms, showers, and electricity.

Keith the Practical, I sincerely hope that my life experiences as a teenager gives you insight into your loved one. Feeling embraced with love is the single most thing I can come up with that helped me.

jon said...

Crawdads, rocks and Rattlesnake-bear stories. . . .sounds like a kids paradise.

Mik said...

That sounded like a lot of fun, the kids are cute.

Candance said...

If Montezuma lived in Arizona, how come he has sought revenge on me both times I've been to Mexico?

Candance said...

Okay, now I'm like comment stalker cause I just read the story at the end and, well, crap man.

Michelle Johnson said...

The pictures of your sons are adorable. I can't believe you got to those gates and got turned away from seeing Montezuma's Castle. But, at least you found that great campsite. I agree things could be worse after reading what happened with the knife in the skull. Wow!

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