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Monday, June 1, 2009

Fun at Cinco de Mayo on the Thirtieth of May

When I arrived home this last Saturday, the first thing I did was take a long, steaming hot bath with homemade sugar scrub infused with French Violets from Toulouse, France. My legs and feet appreciated the luxurious soak after a full day of selling and mingling at the rescheduled Cinco de Mayo Fiesta in Lewisville, Texas.

Selling as a vendor in an event was completely foreign to me as this was my first experience doing so. My business partner and I went in together selling our jewelry and my photographic prints and postcards. We had a blast even if we just about melted in the Texas late May sun.

But I gained a farmer's tan...hey, at least it is a tan!

One of the highlights of the day, and probably my favorite part, was of our city council candidate's, TJ Gilmore's, children running around and asking various vendors and guests if they'd sign their balloons. Well of course I would! And I did at least four more times.

I should have started making them to pay me to sign after the sixth balloon.

Nah, how could I say no to these two adorable boys? Besides their parents might have a word with me at our next cub scout meeting if I had charged. Too bad I didn't get one photo with their eyes open.

At least they kept things fun!

Personally, I think we got one of the best spots at the Cinco de Mayo event--we were right in front of our new City Hall, which also meant the First Aid station with the Lewisville Fire Department was right behind us.

Good thing because I nearly passed out...never mind.

Then Mayor Carey made his way over so I had to take a photograph of him too. I've known Mayor Carey for a few years now through my volunteer work and I have grown to appreciate and like this man through the years.

Which then reminds he still Mayor or not? When does Ueckert take over? Perhaps the Denton County Democrats know. Dangit! I should have asked those Democrats.

First though, I need to ask them to buy some bling from me for Mrs. Hillary. I mean come on, doesn't she need some more accessories? Obama also made an appearance at Cinco de Mayo, although I must say I couldn't find Biden around anywhere.

Stephen, did you see Biden by any chance? Perhaps he was hanging out at the Farmer's Market?


LoveFeast said...

Those peppers make me hungry for some homemade salsa and a fresh lime squeezed margarita to celebrate Cinco de Mayo! Thanks for the inspiration!

Candance said...

OMG, if I ever have a medical emergency, I hope it's in Lewisville. Those paremedics are YUMMY, much like the ones from Station 5 here in Denton!!

Mindee@oufrontdoor said...

Good for you on branching out with your business. Looks like you had a great selection.

LoveFeast said...

Ha! Kristin was here too I see!! Beautiful pepper pic! I love an open market! -Chris Ann

Screwed Up Texan said...

LoveFeast! Love it that both of y'all came by here today...Just wait until I show the rest of the vegetable photos!

Candance, just move to here. The ones that came to my house last week were nice looking too. Almost made me wish my kid would get stung by another yellow jacket...NOT!

Mindee, It was fun and a new experience selling as a vendor in an event. I am definitely going to try this again later this year.

WhosPlayin said...

Candance, my wife licks her lips seeing that photo.

Allie, Gene will always carry the title 'Mayor' but Dean Ueckert has already taken over.

Joe Biden is in hiding at an undisclosed location.

TJ Gilmore said...

I hope the boys didn't make pests of themselves (but thank goodness they found a way to stay entertained)! And if you do get a picture of them with eyes open, please let me know- we'll pay big money!

Screwed Up Texan said...

Well, I think it is time to send the LFD a link to this post as all the women are swooning after these fine young men. We'll be well taken care of in an emergency...You know what they say about a man in uniform.

Steve, thanks for clarifying the mayor information. Gene will always hold a special place in my heart as a great mayor.

and...are you sure y'all aren't hiding Biden? :)

Screwed Up Texan said...

TJ, Your boys were fine, I was just joking. They actually gave us some entertainment, plus I used signing their balloons as a marketing strategy...I put my website under my signature on the first two or three signatures.

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