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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Except Cleanliness

I was browsing through old photographs on my computer and I came across several photos I had taken inside my home on obviously a very quiet day. At least I think it must have been quiet, because as I studied each photograph a recurring theme came to my mind--that room was clean.

I swear I don't know how that happened.

Occassionally, I have had friends and aquaintances admire me for my talents--writing, painting, and cooking, which in turn tend to make my head get bigger and bigger with each compliment. However, even though I do all these things and more: I do not clean.

When guests come over, I like to politely apologize for my house looking lived-in.

My walls upstairs are covered in little kid designs of crayons, markers, and highly pigmented pastel chalks. My nearly white carpets are stained in shades of pink, blue, and brown--the results of juice spills and my oldest writing his name in the carpet. I don't need art galleries and museums...why I have my kids to create beautiful contemporary works of art!

They even sign them.

Truly though, I think my kids take after me and their father. They are learning through our examples of creative ingenuity and artistic expression. They are following in our footsteps and perhaps one day one of them will be an artist or a writer. Above anything though, I just want to see them succeed in anything they try. I see our kids mimicking our every thought, action, and word in all we, their parents, do. This is a great thing for they are learning self-reliance, honesty, and patience love, among a whole host of important qualities.

Except cleanliness.


Chef E said...

I sure enjoy reading your stuff, about the boys, your trip, and now this. I also write poetry, and wrote one once about laying in bed while the kids where gone, and it was so peaceful...but I had trouble wanting to come back to reality...

Raine said...

Beautiful pictures! Feels so serene.

Anonymous said...

I've just stumbled across your blog and I'm enjoying reading it. Today's post reminded me of a poem I read many years ago, when my kids were small, which I've never been able to track down since but it said it all for me. Basically the gist was when your kids are older and you are reminiscing about their growing up do you want to remember the hours you spent having fun, making a mess, creating, just living, embracing childhood .... or the hours you spent cleaning, tidying, maintaining that "perfect" home. It's a no-brainer for me and my messy home reflects that! Best wishes from England, A x

Screwed Up Texan said...

Chef E, can you take me there for a know in dreamland? :)

Raine, Thank you.

Cambridgelady, wish I knew which poem that was. When my oldest was in Pre-K, he brought home a poem with his two stamped hand prints. The poem talked about little hand prints everywhere and how I will miss those when they get older. Which reminds me that I just barely last week cleaned the muddy hand prints off my back door that had been there for over a year.

Ice Cream 'n Pickles said...

I think it's more important to feel comfortable within your home. What fun is living in a place you're afraid to dirty up?

Erin said...

Thanks for your perspective on cleaning. While I try to keep a clean house, I am not neat by nature so I complete resonate with this post. My husband is very neat however and I am thankful he is rubbing off on me a little :) We have a good balance!

Kristamom said...

Great pictures and a funny blog. I also and shocked by how tidy I can be!

Luxlucky said...

Your house, in these pictures are ethereal looking. It is very clean. Unlike my dark cave of a room. I think there is a faint odor in mine as well..

sorry for the self deprecation. I thrive I guess on disorganization, and other's cleanliness. heheheh

Michelle Johnson said...

Self reliance, love, honesty are all good qualities to learn from a parent so I wouldn't worry to much about the cleanliness. You've done well.

Jana said...

yeah, I dunno I dont think I could pull off a photo like that around here...I wish I was that awesome and didnt even know it!

Screwed Up Texan said...

Ice Cream and Pickles: I like your idea!

Erin: My husband is a neat freak and I think over the years we have both rubbed a little off on eachother. We're somewhere between Army tidy and Complete chaos.

Kristamom: Isnt it nice when you can get the house clean if only just for a few seconds.

LuxLucky: I think the sheer curtains add to the ethereal look. If I ever find odor, it usually something of the kids'.

Michelle: I think cleanliness is overrated. If not and cleanliness is next to Godliness, then I am going the fiery pit.

Jana: I don't get many opportunities...the kids must have been sleeping or gone.

laiza said...

Hi there! I can't help but smile as I was reading through the adventures of your Great blog.

lulu said...

Being 43 with a 12 year old son and three dogs our house is also well "lived in", I was glad to read this post because some friends my age have grown up children and spotless homes and it can make me feel guilty at times! My son is also artistic and his "stuff" lies everywhere :-)

Screwed Up Texan said...

laiza, glad you like it!

lulu, yep, I have a feeling this messiness ain't gonna end anytime soon. :)

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