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Monday, June 29, 2009

Blackberry Muffins

Each spring I await the moment that the first wild blackberries ripen on the canes at my secret spot. The spot is so secret that less than a handful of people know about it: Argentina from Guatemala, my friend I shall not name, and Amy Locurto co-founder of I Heart Faces photography website. The day any of these gals reveal my secret is the day I go into stealth mode and wreak some serious harm.

Oh fine, never mind. I am a pansy and everybody knows it.

From blackberry cobblers to blackberry lemonade, our late spring and early summer days are filled with freshly picked aggregates and our freezer is packed full of the leftovers. My husband's favorite blackberry treat are my homemade wild blackberry muffins. Don't have access to wild blackberries? No worries--you can substitute fresh blackberries from your local grocer.

I'll just pity you in the meantime. Keep reading...


the nightingale said...

Love those. Looks tempting. My husband loves muffins,too, so I'll give this one a try. :) Thanks for posting!

Ice Cream 'n Pickles said...

Oh gosh! Those look SOOOOO good!!!!

Bill said...

We used to pick fresh blackberrys at a neighboring farm when I was young. One thing I learned real quick was that you don't go barefoot while doing it. I also learned from my uncle that I could smoke dried blackberry vines. I don't think my parents ever found out about that!

lulu said...

Hi congrats on blog of note, I can certainly see why you have an awesome blog!!

Lisa said...

We love blackberries here too and those look delicious! Thanks for sharing!
Lisa in Kentucky

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