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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Moments of Discovery

I had several "Ah ha!" moments this last week. The most notable moments included discovering that morels (an edible mushroom) grow in places other than the Northwestern United States coast and I learned how to create a menu bar on my blog (have you noticed it up under the main title?). I also discovered that bell peppers will ripen in the early part of May and that homegrown bell peppers taste superior to the ones bought at the store.

While on Twitter, I found out the correct way to cook crawdaddies--notably it took far more than 140 characters to explain it to me. Then I discovered what "purging" the crawdads meant...yep, my life will never be the same again. Watch out for a recipe coming soon that involves this scrumptious Southern food. Have you noticed the Recipes section in my new menu bar?

My favorite discovery of all, however, was finally finding the F-setting on my camera. I drove to a field in town that was covered in various grasses and wildflowers and began shooting away just as the sun was beginning to set.

Ah ha! So that's what the F-setting is for...

And then I discovered my right leg and right arm were covered in poison ivy rash. Silly me...I wasn't wearing pants or socks. That was my least favorite discovery.

Ah Benadryl Gel...I want to marry you.


Chef E said...

Oh man, I have never had poisen ivy, but those I know that have say it is not pleasant, so I am glad you got a good ointment for it!

I love the photos, and crawdads, you know I use crayfish, but we did call them that growing up!

Rhea said...

Well, you certainly did learn a lot this week! lol Poison Ivy though...ick. So sorry!

Fun photos! Really neat.

Trudi said...

Ok, so how do you make a menu bar? Inquiring minds...
Those pictures are beautiful. Sorry about the poison ivy though.

Shellgirl said...

Ahhh...Benadryl Gel is straight from Heaven! Great pics!!

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