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Monday, May 18, 2009

I Cannot Ask For More

It is tragic, heart wrenching stories that I read online that make me take a moment and realize just how blessed I am to be the healthy, living mother of three healthy, living boys. When I read these stories, no matter if it is the first, fifteenth or fiftieth time I have read that exact same story that my heart brakes for those parents that have lost their precious babies and children. I regularly come back to those stories seeking more...more I don't know what of...but more. I look at my own babies, because they still are babies to me, and I am grateful that I am still alive and healthy and able to take care of my children completely.

When I first became a mother, I was scared and frightened. I hadn't had much experience with children. Yes, I made $3 an hour as a teenager babysitting other people's children who went to my church. I occasionally substituted in Primary and Nursery at church with the little ones--however, other than that I had no experience before I had my own.

Often I would feel overwhelmed with all the responsibility that had been dumped on me.

Slowly, over time, I became more confident as a mother. My children thrived. With each child I bore I was more sure of myself and how to raise that infant into a beaming boy. Yes, their rooms are hardly ever clean. Sometimes, I feed them McDonalds chicken nuggets, because it's easier than cooking my family dinner. Most of the time they are dirty from playing outside under the bushes in a mud pile.

I find joy in the small things and I let them be kids.

Sometimes, it is good for us to be a kid too.

Which is why you'll also often find my kids bringing me snakes and bugs and playing with fire ants (under watchful eyes of course)...even if it does freak me out. Oh heck, they freaked the Relief Society president out the other day by showing her how to eat rolly pollies. Only.My.Kids.

Really though, I just enjoy parenthood. It has taken me a while, but each day my life with my little family gets better and sweeter. I am truly blessed and I really couldn't ask for more.


Rhea said...

Lovely post. Your kids eat rollie polies?! ROFL

Mindee said...

My philosophy is that dirty kids are happy kids.

Roley Poley eating does not fit into that philosophy though. Ew!

Chef E said...

Ha they are in training for those culinary programs that eat anything, or at least they will like going to sushi places...

You sound like a great mother, and since I lost my daughter, I appreciate all my son does, bad or good!

Screwed Up Texan said...

Rhea, Yep, they eat rolly pollies. The neighbor kid taught them...and he is 14.

Mindee, they are definitely normal...ew!

Chef E, Now I know why my husband likes Sushi and where my kids get their adventerous eating from. Me, no to both.

Shellgirl said...

Very Very well said, my dear!

Shirley said...

Rolly pollies are host to parasitoids ..they eat decaying animals and plants..oh well you confess you are a screwed up texan ...aren't we all. They should dip them in chocolate.

Screwed Up Texan said...

Shellgirl, I try my best.

Shirley, Eeck. You're comment kinda grossed me out even more than I am grossed out with my kids eating these bugs. So I went and searched online to the life cycle and behaviour of rolley pollies/pill bugs. Thankfully, I find that they eat mostly dead plant matter (which is why there seem to be a lot of them in my mulch). Even still, gross.

I have a friend who's little girl likes to fill her cheeks up with rollie pollies (although she doesnt eat them). Still gross. I dont know if it is a kid thing or what but bugs anywhere near me gross me out. The worse is picking caterpillars off my garden plants...I leave that up to the kids.

Mr Spooky said...

Aww your boys are just cute! lol

Shirley said...

Ha that is funny sorry for the gross out..I'm a Mom of 3 boys myself all in their 20's now. But I remember the days..growing up on a farm we used to see these bugs everywhere and even now in our salon they are all over..due to the tile I think. Just checked here again because I was looking up another one of your older posts have a great day!

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