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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Gems Found on a Hike Through the Woods

For Mother's Day, while my children were at church, my husband and I went on a hike through the woods. It is a place we've been wanting to hike for quite some time, but for one reason or another haven't taken the time to do so.

For those interested, the hike is the end of the trail I have mentioned before and is just outside the park boundaries of Lewisville Lake at Highland Village. To get to this hiking spot, you should travel north on Chinn Chapel Road, head east on Orchard Hill Lane and follow the curve in the road where you will park before the park gate. There is no fee to hike. The trail is on the north side of the parking lot or on the left side of the road as you enter the parking area. This is officially the Pilot Knoll Horse and Hiking Trail. View map here.

My husband and I enjoyed our quiet and restful hike together. One of the best parts about hiking in new places is discovering what I like to call gems for the first time. Take for instance these creamy white flowers--like small freshwater pearls in a sea of green.

Of course, I can't leave out the blooming citrine on a stalk of lamb's ear, the texture of soft fleece.

Still further along our hike we happened upon these blueish-violet flowers. Upon further examination we noticed a small insect on one of the petals. Can you find it?

Then in the middle of the trail we nearly stepped on this golden nugget--a fungus of some sort.

Yet another fungus, like a royal violet velvet robe.

My favorite gem--a ruby--were the scarlet ripe mulberries readying for snacking. A delicious snack they did make...perfectly tart and full of flavor, just as a wild mulberry should be.

Let me know if you decide to take this hike or if you can name any of these plants. Until then, what kind of treasures have you noticed lately?


Mindee@ourfrontdoor said...

I have a wild mulberry tree in my backyard which means I have wild mulberry purple bird poop all over the place.

Screwed Up Texan said...

Mindee, I love mulberries! They were so good I wanted to go back for more.

I learned that the purple flower is Spider Wort. Still not fully sure what the white flowers are...perhaps one is Spider's Lace? The other could be baby's breath.

Chef E said...

I missed this post, I love the photos, and all the little things you found!

texasholly said...

I have been up to the lake in that area, but not beyond the picnic areas, etc. Love the photos.

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