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Friday, May 1, 2009

Floods, Flus, and Fools

As I sat on my living room couch nestled with Lily last night, I thought to myself--Which is worse that happened today...My kid flooding my bathroom and bedroom with bathwater which still isn't dry OR an elementary school in my oldest's school district being closed because of confirmed Swine Flu?
Which is worse?
I think as a parent with three small boys that my kids always tend to keep me on high alert with their shenanigans. I know I am not the only parent that goes through this...which is why I again opened up my husband's family history book and began reading through the pages late last night.

It was hard living in the Duchesne area of North Eastern Utah during the early part of the twentieth century. To get good medical care one had to travel long distances. According to my husband's great grandmother, Pearl Valentine Peterson, "in those days there was no one you could turn to for help. You either managed alone or starved." Times must have been hard, especially when the Flu Epidemic hit, and I am sure the parents worried for their children just as I worry for mine.

Grandma Keele (Pearl Peterson) writes about a worrisome moment during her childhood that must have scared her mama to death. It was an incident concerning her brother and sister in a plot to create the Best April Fools Joke Ever.

Grandma Keele wrote:

"April Fools Days were hard on Mother. Another year George decided to surprise everybody and go to Uncle Arb's and Aunt Minnie's on March 31. He told my sister Beth what he was going to do, but made her promise she would not tell. He used the horse to cross the river, then sent it home alone. Mother went to the pasture and found the horse dripping with water from having stepped in a hole, and no George. When she asked us , the rest of us really knew nothing and Beth kept her promise. Mother , of course, put 2+2 together and made 5. She was sure George had drowned in the river. Uncle Orin came from Utahn at a full gallop, and all of the men in the farming community gathered to look for George. They dragged the river all day. Finally, just before dark, Beth told me that George was alright, but she had promised not to tell so hadn't until the pressure got too great. George had a long walk to Aunt Minni's. He had figured on sleeping in the barn and "Fooling" them the next morning. But he was so hungry by the time he got there that food sounded better than surprising them."

Um, yah. Apparently, kids were mischievous even then. Who would've figured. Personally, if I was their mama, I would have beat them with a stick. That was allowed back then. So I again ask myself, which is worse? A flooded bathroom and bedroom or the schools shutting down because of three probable cases of Swine Flu?

Which is worse? I say the Best April Fools Joke Ever.

I'm just sayin'.
(Photos Courtesy of UBTAH Project.)


Mindee@oufrontdoor said...

My kids are hoping for a swine flu case here the little stinkers. I don't think they'd like it so much if it THEY were the sick ones

Perspective is good.

Rhea said...

My kids want there school district shut down too, and they don't have to make it up if it does close. But I bet that's doubtful.

Very cool history from your husband's family. I bet his parents were SO mad when they finally found him...after they were relieved, I mean.

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