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Thursday, April 16, 2009

She Had Me at Little Dog Clothes

Something showed up at my house Tuesday morning. Something tan and hairy. The kids had snuck out into the backyard and let this creature onto my property to play. They found themself...ahem...a new friend.

A very small and hairy new friend.

Now, I've never been a dog lover...especially not for little dogs. Actually, I am usually the one laughing at dog owners. Secretly of course. I think it is because I am still upset for having to leave my beloved Alaskan Malamute in Utah when we moved to Texas. I loved my sweet dog and loyal companion.

However, that dog was a BIG dog...this is a little dog.

When I saw the dog, I knew immediately that it was my neighbor's dog, so I waited for her to get back home so I could take this creature home. That is when I found out my neighbor named Argentina from Guatemala did not want this dog whose original owner is from Chile. She was trying to find someone to adopt this dog. Like I said--I am just not a dog person.

Or am I?

I mean dang, I've already bathed her, powdered her, brushed her troll hair, bought her a leash, walked her, took her to my kid's elementary school, made a deal with the teacher to let me have her little dog clothes, took her on a car ride, and allowed her to sleep in my bed with me and my husband.

I think we can all see quickly where this is going...yep, she had me at little dog clothes.


lmt1073 said...

Oh, she is a sweetie.... I would gladly take her off your hands and add her to our growing bunch... lol... have fun!

Heather said...

I love her! And I'm really glad you love her, too. Argentina Guatemala Chile didn't deserve her. You should name her Cuba.

Katy said...

I want the dog from that dog food commercial. The small white fluffy one. I'm really not a small dog person, but I would be for that dog.

Katy said...

I have to add another thingie to your "texas talk" I've noticed a lot of people say "buh-cause" instead of "bee-cause." Kind of like PUH-Cons, instead of pee-cons, or Pee-cans. "PEE-CANS" lol, aka, toilet. Now i'm rambling

Mindee@ourfrontdoor said...

Oh you have been totally sucked in here and who can blame you?

Are you going to start carrying her around in your purse and wearing matching outfits?

Screwed Up Texan said...

I've been sitting up here for hour and she still hasnt moved from her position of sitting at my feet. She is so quiet. My husband actually asked what we were going to do with "our dog."

Katy, you know I never noticed I say buh-cuz...however I do. lol I cringe everytime my friend says PEE CANS and I have to tell her that is something my granpa uses when he has to "go." Just sayin'.

Hohni said...

She's too cute!!
We had always had BIG dogs (Rotts, Pitbulls, St. Bernards) until I found our little Dachshunds. Now they rule the roost.

Kristi said...

Oh dear, she's a cutie! We have a chihuahua named Tibb that we got just after we got married. He's my first dog ever, and he's been a great dog. So I guess I'm a small dog person, too, even though I always said I was going to have a chocolate lab when I grew up.

Did you know Janece has a Yorkie? He's definitely NOT quiet and is a complete spazz, so I'm glad this one is more calm for you.

Karen said...

Yahooooo! You needed another girl in your house, even if she isn't the same species. She is darling.

Tina said...

So so cute! How can you not keep her?

I just moved to Lubbock, Texas from Los Angeles. It's been interesting so far, but I think I love it here!

Candance said...

Girl, if I was not in an apartment, I would take her and her little dog clothes and then buy her a bunch more little dog clothes. And a little pink collar with studs or rhinestones. And a pink leash. I'm not a dog person, either. I just want one I can dress up and name Dolly Parton and spoil rotten since my little girl is too big for that now.

Lorilee said...

Oh, she is so cute. I adore lap dogs!

Phoo-D said...

She's adorable! What are you going to name her? I think she looks a bit like Goldie Hawn =).

Nan said...

Oh no. You're not a dog person AT ALL. No way. No how.


She's super cute.

Love it: "brushed her troll hair."

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