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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Okie Adventures: Humorous Moments

I'm telling ya, I have the funnest times while on vacation. I may embarrass those around me snapping photos of everything around me, but I can't help but notice the humor in certain instances. In the past, it was the beached fish with a cigarette in its mouth. Shelly found it and we laughed about it for a day (maybe I laughed a little longer). Then there was the time my dear husband caught an armadillo and was proud of himself for an entire week which amused me. No worries, he let the armadillo go right after he caught it.

Then there was last week.

There was the one-clawed crawdad. I think he had seen better days.

Also my kids who thought they were dogs...or did the dog think he was a human?

The balloon that refused to pop. I found out a package of balloons from the dollar store can keep, my kids entertained for hours.

Not to mention the goat we all thought was dead as we got lost out in The Middle of Nowhere, Oklahoma. He didn't move, he didn't twitch. We all felt sorry for the fella--until he lifted his head to see why all the other goats were running away. We're such suckers.

This lady probably thought my friend and I were nuts. We literally drove around the block twice to snap this shot of her riding a horse down Main Street on the side of the road. Look at her, she's wondering what is wrong with us city slickers.

Then there is this barbwire fence. Nothing unusual.

But look, there is also this fence...hey friend, I dare you to touch that fence.

Okay, I know I just lost a couple of you.

No barbwire on fence with herd of cattle behind it can mean only one thing: Electric fence.

Don't worry, I did not let my friend touch it. However, I think I have lost all her trust.


Candance said...

You touched a crawdad!! OMG!! I'd be screaming like a little girl.

Rhea said...

You are too funny, and you find fun everywhere, I love it!

That balloon that wouldn't pop was hilarious.

I've run into an electric fence before. It wasn't on, thank goodness.

Barbed wire fences hurt big time too...

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