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Monday, April 27, 2009

Life's Treasures

I found a pearlescent seashell....err, lake shell over the weekend. I imagined it was a treasure chest. And then I began thinking...because you see my every waking hour is filled with thoughts of blog posts...really.

There are so many ways I could write this post. I could start by asking you what it is you treasure in your life. I could ask you if you treasure friendship, family, good times or silence. I could ask you if you treasure both the big things and the small things in life.

I could ask you which moments and which things you hold close to your heart. Dude, put that down.

What do you fill your treasure chest with? Weights, hooks, beach glass, flowers? Things that weigh you down and cause you pain or do you fill your treasure chest with ordinary things that are nice to look at and lovely things that naturally attract? Notice my bluebonnet? I can be a rebel. What, me? Never.

Or perhaps we each fill our treasure chests with a little of all these things. I think the key is rethinking how we view these treasures. What do you think?


Expat From Hell said...

I agree that everything seems to have the potential for the next blog. Such is life now. I think good blogs like this one are also treasures. Thanks for doing this. Just put my kids on the plane yesterday - last week was a treasure.
These are great postings. Glad I'm here.


Carol @SheLives said...

I'm sure the dead fish skeleton could be seen as treasure. By...uh...someone.

Personally, I tend to treasure the intangible things in life most. Not so much the fish skeletons. When you really think about it, a mullosk shell is actually a fish skeleton of sorts. Eye of the beholder stuff, right?

Screwed Up Texan said...

EFH: Thank you for the compliments once again. I havnt even gotten started on the blog post ideas from this weekend. Whoot!

Carol: What an interesting concept. I never thought of clam shells as skelatons. Never. I think I am going to have to rethink my entire view on them from now on. This is what I love about the comments...everyone has such a unique perspective!

Michelle Hoad said...

thank you for that. My boys pick up dead things too.

Rhea said...

Ok, whatever your son was holding, ewwww!! Gross.

And this was a wonderful post. My treasures are in my relationships with my boys and my family...and in my creative moments.

And I tend to capture all of it in photos and words.

Nancy said...

Well, that was a beautiful and thought provoking post.

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