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Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Lesson in Perception

Just as every person has a story to tell, so does every photograph. Sometimes the story lies in the angle it was shot, and at other times it lies in the color and composition of the photograph. Sometimes an emotion is invoked completely accidental. More on that in a moment.

This photograph below was taken while at Turner Falls Park in Oklahoma just a few weeks ago when I took my best friend from college on a tour of some of my favorite places. I was showing my friend how to take close up photographs with her new digital camera. My friend just entered the 21st century not too long ago and needed a couple know, unsolicited advice. It's okay--she's used to it as she teaches junior high. I'm just sayin'.

The focus is the hollow interior of the railing. I think it tells a story. For me, it reminds me of the old railings at my elementary school playground as a kid. I like the composition.

Next, is a macro shot of a blooming redbud at Turner Falls behind one of the castles--up near the stables. It's bright, it's pink, and it speaks of spring. There's a story this photograph could tell you...besides being the subject of me giving my friend more unsolicited advice. Sorry, it's the mommy in me. My friend will understand when she has kids...wait, she teaches junior high. Oh yah.

Now this photograph below speaks to me! It is grandeur and taken near Possum Kingdom Park in Texas this last March. The sepia tone finishes off the photograph and gives it a nice antique feeling. I can imagine a few poems or perhaps a postcard or two from this photograph. It tells a story...but not the story of me refusing to get out of the car, because I was not going to climb the cliff like my husband did. To be honest with you, I am still not sure if he was technically trespassing...with the kids.

Lastly, and my favorite of all is this photograph. I don't think I need to write too much of the story it tells. One word describes it perfectly: Sensual.

Or at least that is what my husband thinks. What's your perception?


Rhea said...

The first descriptive word that came to mind on that last photo was WET. But sensual does work too...

I'm not the most creative right now. lol

Chef E said...

I love your 'comment' rule, and it gives me inspiration to change mine, as I have had some down right rude people coming over to my sights lately...

I love these photos, and as an amateur writer I could tell many stories... I felt the first one said 'Gem' to me, as you might see a pearl or wish one there, and it sits alone amidst the wide ocean world of unseen beauty...

I love your site!

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