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Friday, April 24, 2009

Melted Ice Cream and Bluebonnets

Some of my favorite things to do include spending time with my family, going on long walks and meeting new people. I get to do those very things a lot in my life. My little family here in Texas enjoy our time playing in the neighborhood parks, running on the soccer fields, grocery shopping on the weekend and making short road trips a blast. My life feels perfect--especially after disciplining my youngest son for leaving the freezer door open which resulted in most of the food defrosting inside it the other day. I'm just sayin'.

We're going to have barbecued pork ribs as a result. At least there's homemade barbecue sauce still left in the fridge.

Another one of my favorite things here in Texas are the bluebonnets which burst into color every spring. Each February, about two months before bluebonnets bloom, my mind becomes preoccupied with thoughts of these magnificent blue, white and red blooms. I think it's a Texan thing.

And each year I attempt to get the family out to take photographs in the tall flowers. This year was no different--however, I was still mad at my youngest for defrosting all the meat and ice cream in the freezer so the family portrait session didn't happen. I'm telling you that kid is one defiant pain in the neck...independent to say the least. Is it because he is the youngest?

Even though I was frustrated with my youngest son, I still had to take the time to photograph these flowers. After all, they are reminiscent of Texas and they are one of my favorite things. So, you can be sure I plucked some seed pods and took them home. Shhh, don't tell.


Expat From Hell said...

Such a great portrait of Texas in spring. Thanks for posting this. I hope the ice cream is Blue Bell!


Mindee@ourfrontdoor said...

Gorgeous. You do have the best plants down there. While we have . . .corn.

kristi said...

I love bluebonnets too! And here in east Texas, we have tons!

How word verify is unity!!

JO said...

I love (and MISS) the bluebonnets and the Indian Paintbrush - so so pretty.

I blogged about them myself and posted some old photographs afters becoming inclrdibly homesick seeing them on someone elses blog.

I may have to blog about them again now - lol.
and don't EVEN get me started on BlueBell ice cream (vanilla bean - yum!)

Carol @SheLives said...

This is the first year we have not taken bluebonnet picture since...forever ago. I thought they weren't as pretty this year.

And how on earth do you harvest those seed pods? I've never seen those things in all my years. Tell me you peel back some secret lining and they're hidden in a place invisible to the naked eye. 'Cause I swear I've never seen that before.

Becky said...

We don't have bluebonnets here in the Panhandle unless someone plants and takes care of them. I did see some between here and Clarendon in the middle of 287. They are so pretty I know blooming in the fields! Guess we will just have wheat and grass. It's all good!

Lorilee said...

I adore bluebonnets. I think our youngest sons have much in common! Hang in there!

Rhea said...

We haven't taken photos in the bluebonnets in several years, I'm so bad. I need to do it. I do love our Bluebonnets here.

Screwed Up Texan said...

EFH, The icecream was Schwanns...however, Bluebunny on twitter let me know where I can get a coupon for their icecream...gonna go try that!

Mindee, Corn is pretty too! OKay, maybe I am lying. But it sure if fun to run it!

Kristi, I wish we had more here this year. I took some seed pods so maybe we can grow some in our yard next year.

Jo, Mmmm BlueBell Iceream is SO DELISH! I love fields of bluebonnets and Indian Paintbrushes!

Carol, I sent you a tweet on how to harvest the seedpods. Good luck!

Becky, If I could send you some bluebonnets I would!

Lorilee, little boys are knuckleheads! Love em, but I wonder what goes on in their heads...

Rhea, I feel so rebelious when I pick them. Like I'm doing something I'm not supposed to be doing. So, I cant ever get myself to pluck more than one or two. However, there was that one time my pet lizard at entire bunch of them my fiance (now husband) picked. Apparently, Mali Uromastyx really like them.

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