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Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Last October, I got my very first ticket. Not just any normal kind of speeding ticket, but a speeding in a school zone kind of ticket. Now to my defense, I did not realize I was in a School Zone at the moment. Anyways, I felt like this cow. Confused and embarrassed...and angry at myself too.

And believe me, my husband wasn't too happy part of his paycheck went back to the town he works for since that is where I got pulled over. I'm just sayin'.

He didn't rub it in too much.

Needless to say, after that experience my kids love police officers. When I went to the municipal courts to pay my fine, the lady at the desk offered my kids police badge stickers. They loved the stickers so much they asked if we could go back the next day. Those were some rather expensive stickers I tell ya. They still love the police so much that when they saw them at the weekend event, my boys just had to have some more stickers.

And get their pictures taken in front of a police vehicle.

Don't they look perfect? See, my kids do get along.

Wait, I think something is happening...wait...


And call in the dog! Thanks Lily, you really didn't know what you were getting into, huh? I'm feeling for you.


kristi said...


Mindee said...

Where are the police when you need 'em? You'd think, since you were standing right by their car that they could help you out, huh?

Expat From Hell said...

Ah, Flower Mound! Should'a known. They aren't any better down the street here in Coppell. Great photos of your boys - I am sure they will make great police officers!

Dana said...

hehe Boys!!
it's a good thing you had a split second to snap a picture before the brawl. :)

too cute!

R and R Stacy said...

Too cute!!
Back the Blue!! lol

Screwed Up Texan said...

Oh, and remember when I said that every thirty seconds someone wanted to touch, pick up or talk about my dog? Well the FMPD was guilty of it too, lol. Oh well, we had fun chatting. And my kids tried to steal one of their hats. I made them take it back.

Karen said...

Oh they are cute little boys!

Phoo-D said...

It cracks me up that with three rambunctious boys you have a dainty little girl dog. She is perfect for you!

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