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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Take the Time

Next time you go out to relax--whether it's to a movie, dinner or outdoors--take time to give reverence to all of nature's creations. Whether you believe in God or not, each of these unique gifts our eyes and souls are given are special and beautiful and delicate.

Take the time to get up real close with the sand and examine each individual particle, imagining how they look quite similar to crystalized brown sugar.

Grab a moment and poke around in the gravel. Be amazed at the bleached clamshells and the bright green plants poking their heads out of the sand.

Discover something unique like frosted glass shards, tumbled by the sand and waves at the lake over a period of time. I'm going to craft a windchime out of mine.

And please:


Nancy said...

You take such amazing photos! This post was a great reminder. I remember doing a research project on the pollination of the milkweed plant in college. It has these little pollen packets down in these slits that only manage to get distributed when a bees foot slips into the slit while eating. That sounds boring, but having to sit and observe these plants -- watching moths unroll their long tongues to drink and bees flying off with a little pollen packet made me realize how much of the world I never really see. I've been guilty of that again, so thanks for reminding me!

Marylin and Jimmy said...

Love this post!!

Karen said...

I love the wind chime idea! Please show us what it looks like when you are done.

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