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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I ♥ Aguas Frescas

There is nothing more relaxing, more refreshing, more fulfilling than sipping on an ice cold sweet drink after a long hard day's work in your favorite, comfy chair. Ah heck, you could just be relaxing on the beach and drinking it would be just as good. My favorite drink (sans caffeine because we all know I am a caffeine fiend) is aguas frescas homemade by me. Aguas frescas is essentially fruit juice or puree, strained and stirred into a simple syrup. Ice makes it even better.

Aguas frescas makes me feel my Hispanic heritage...even if I don't know jack about it.

My favorite way to drink these aguas frescas is with added herbs. Tamarind and cinnamon, blackberry and vanilla, cherry and hibiscus, apple and spearmint. This last week, I concocted a drink that I think beats all the others I have tried--strawberry and rosemary. I should call it strawmary or roseberry. It is a perfect blend of strawberries and syrup with a hint of minty herb.

Ah gosh dang, it's just plain delicious!

To make Strawmary/Roseberry Aguas Frescas, you will need to make a simple syrup. This is achieved by dissolving over medium heat:

1 cup water
3/4 sugar

Once the sugar and water has dissolved, you will need to add and steep over medium heat for ten minutes:

1 cup of fresh rosemary sprigs, loosely packed

Remove syrup/rosemary from heat and allow to steep while in a blender liquefying:

4 cups strawberries with up to one cup of water to help process

Once all the chunks of strawberries have pureed, blended, liquefied, whatever, get out a fine sieve such as a cheesecloth or fine wire mesh strainer and run the pureed strawberries through it. The idea is to get rid of most of the seeds. I recommend doing this in quarter amounts and rinsing the strainer out in between. Of course, you could also use a juicer, but I am too lazy to take mine out and clean it afterwards.

Once you have completed straining the seeds out of the strawberries, rinse your strainer out and grab that rosemary syrup nearby (don't use the cheesecloth, way to messy--if you don't have a strainer pick the rosemary out). Now run the syrup through the fine mesh strainer and then add the syrup to the strained strawberries.

At this point you can now add the mixture to a 2 liter pitcher and stir. Add enough cold water and ice to fill the pitcher and sweeten to taste.

Enjoy and share in the exotic delight.

Just one question: Should it be named Roseberry or Strawmary?


Simply Dee said...

You should open your own juice bar!

Mindee@ourfrontdoor said...

Roseberry and yum!

Karen said...

That sounds fabulous. Please send some now. :)

Screwed Up Texan said...

It is so delish...matter of fact, I am about to go trim my rosemary bush to make some more...

Karen said...

So I was showing the Rocket Scientist this post tonight and he wants more of your variations on this drink. I think you just gained another fan.

Karen said...

OK, you should know I just printed your recipe. I going to try it tonight.

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