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Monday, February 9, 2009

Peanut Butter, Spitwads, and Sam's Club

Last week was a rather eventful week. Between my kids flicking peanut butter on my kitchen ceiling, my kids poking grilling skewers along side the flicked peanut butter in the ceiling, my kids throwing wet toilet paper globs all over my upstairs walls and doors--I had thought I had enough.

The weekend wasn't much better.

My weekend involved my youngest crumbling half a pound of cheddar cheese onto his bedroom floor carpet, my two youngest raiding the refrigerator at 6 am for strawberries and red grapes (at least they eat healthfully), and my oldest taking a pair of scissors to his bed sheet.

Have you ever heard the saying, when it rains it pours? Well, we had a frog strangler.

However, the weekend wasn't all that bad. We accomplished getting the entire upstairs clean--vacuumed, washed and scrubbed--and we also broke down and purchased Photoshop Elements 7 from Sam's Club for nearly half the price as I would have bought it directly from Adobe.

Without Photoshop Elements, I would not have been able to have created these gorgeous watercolor photographs from the pictures I took while inside Sam's Club in the floral section. Did I mention my husband hid for his dear life from me?



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