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Monday, February 2, 2009

Extended Fall Season

I just enjoyed one of those wonderfully delicious weekends where I got absolutely nothing done, accomplished nada, horsed around with family, and just basically took a much needed rest from work and reality. You know, one of those weekends where you feel especially daring and relaxed all at once.

This last weekend was also a chance for me to relish in the beauty of Texas winters--to take it all in. Now I must digress, North Texas "winters" are really just an extended season of traditional autumn. I couldn't love these winters more!

Take for instance, these pie cherry colored red berries that the birds just love. They remind me of candy Nerds:

These beautiful yellow flower spikes on large holly-like plants are loved by honey bees:

One of my favorite flowers is the calla lily. Although it is definitely not native to this area, if protected from the cold, it can survive these parts:

Of course, my favorite photograph taken so far this year is of these juniper berries. Technically, I did not take this photograph from here in Texas, although they do grow in these parts:

Happy Groundhog Day Everyone! Remember: No matter what, spring is just six weeks ahead--whether the groundhog sees his shadow or not! (First day of spring is March 20th.)


suzanne cabrera said...

You just described my idea of a perfect weekend! Lovely photos...they have a very 1970s polaroidish quality that I really dig.

Allie said...

Thanks! All things vintage I do love.

KMDuff said...

Texas weather is wonderful. Love the "winter" here.

Mindee said...

I'm sooo jealous of your "winter." Not a single green thing in sight here. Even the evergreen trees are white!

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