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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

CONTEST: Magical Mystery Photo Tour

I got this idea from Texas Word Tangle.

I have many random items in my office. Everything from seashells to vitamins to piggybanks to shoeboxes. My office is like a General Dollar Store: lots of unique, useful and useless items.

So, today I've decided to do a little "Show and Tell" of items from my office, but with a twist.

First, I show you the items today--and then Friday, February 20th of 2009, I tell you what they are. The twist is that there is a CONTEST involved: You guess what the items are between now and Thursday, Feb 19th at 11:59 PM. The first person to guess the MOST between now and then wins a surprise gift!

So, are you ready?








Think you know what these mystery office supplies are?

Then guess in the comments and I wish you the best of luck! Don't forget, there will be a Surprise Prize for the winner! Best of luck...

Check back Friday!


WhosPlayin said...

I'm going to guess:
1. Rose Quartz
2. Bic Lighter
3. Pin Cushion
4. Bra strap?
5. Piece of a sewing machine?
6. CD or DVD
7. Stack of bicycle tires?

Chet Of The Undead said...

The first person to guess the MOST between now and then wins a surprise gift!

Can the surprise be administered in a cake form? I LOOOVE CAKE!! :P ;)

1. Part of a doll's dress or some kind of decorative cloth

2. Lighter (naughty naughty!! :P :) ) and probably a Zippo.

3. Part of a stuffie decorative apple or strawberry beaniebag.

4. Light/wall switch and hand mirrors

5. Buffer, like the kind you use to wax hot pimped out cars with.

6. Magnifying light with protractor

7. Grill of a rotating swivel fan.

A Mac said...

1. AMETHYST ( searched on the internet: purlpe Quartz)
2. Lighter(guessed)
3. Tomatoe (pin cusion)(my granny has one)
4. bra stap? my mom thinks
5. necklace bead/accessory type thing
7. Bead???

oddharmonic said...

1. Amethyst crystal
1. Lighter
3. Tomato pincushion
4. Viewmaster reel
5. Pencil sharpener
6. CD-R or DVD-R
7. Fan grille on the front of a computer

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