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Monday, February 23, 2009

Confession: Making Out Under the Jungle Gym with a Kindergarten Bully


I was five years old the first time I ever made out with a boy.

We both attended Kindergarten at Central Elementary in Denton, Texas. He was my first boyfriend--or rather, my first Puppy Love. This boy and I would spend our entire recess together under the jungle gym kissing and hugging. I know, I was such a bad girl. Fortunately for us, the teachers never caught us kissing during recess.

One day, and I don't think I really had a reason why, except that perhaps I was tired of this boy, I decided to break up with him. That's when Puppy Love turned into The Beast. We met at our usual spot in the gravel under the jungle gym between the slide and the tire swing. When this boy decided to make a romantic move and plant a kiss on my lips, I turned my face away from him and told him I didn't want to be his girlfriend anymore.

I remember this boy's facial expression vividly. His face quickly turned a deep, beet red and his eyebrows wrinkled into an angry, monstrous glare. I stood up to leave and that is when he grabbed a long tree branch and began chasing me around the playground, hitting me every chance he got. He kept telling me I was not allowed to break up with him--EVER--and then he would beat me some more. After about ten minutes of The Monster beating me and all my classmates watching in horror, the teachers finally got him and pulled him off of me.

This boy and I never spoke to each other again after that day, and, looking back, I really hope he grew out of that behavior. I sincerely hope it was a phase. To me, it is another example of Kindergarten bullying.


Mindee@ourfrontdoor said...

Wow. That was scary! Have you googled him to see if he ended up in prison??

Karen said...

I tried to respond to this yesterday, but for whatever reason, blogger wasn't having it. Now I get how bullies are made. Some cute chick jilted there tender little hearts and they snapped. Just Kidding. I hope your kidergaten honey out grew that too. I also hope it wasn't an observed behavior. All too often, it is. I love hearing about your life and your quirky sense of humor about the imperfections that made your early years not easy. I'm sad that you didn't have the life you are able to give your boys. They are so blessed to have you.

Screwed Up Texan said...

Mindee, I wish I could remember his name...I did once find a classmate from elementary that DID end up in jail for DWI. I was reading the newspaper blotter and saw his name and age and knew it was him. Then I thought, "and he picked on me..."

Karen, Thanks! I always thought I was a cute chica! You put a smile on my face!

Charli said...

I feel for that boy's wife! Yikes. And probably his mom too. Five year olds don't just come up with stuff like that.

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