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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Annie's Song and a Love Note

Of all the guys I ever broke up with, my break-up with Nathan was the hardest on me. I was attending Ricks College in Idaho when we departed our ways. I wasn't mad at him nor did I hate him for some illogical reason. Mostly, I was angry at myself for being a such a fragile idiot and not treating him nicely. There really wasnt anything wrong with Nathan and I really was in love with him.

So you ask, why am I telling y'all this?

Because it is Valentines in two days, gosh darnit, and I want to give you some tips from the most romantic guy I have ever known.

First, Nathan was an awesome guitar player. I loved it when he did special things for me like sit me down in front of the campfire in his parents' backyard and serenade John Denver songs to me. You know Annie's Song? Well, he sang it "Allie's" Song.

You Fill Up My Senses - John Denver

My heart would flutter everytime.

Second: He took long, romantic bubble baths. Okay, I admit--thinking back, it was weird Nathan took bubble baths. Probably doesnt help that he took hour long bubble baths while listening to the radio. It's a great Valentines tip though. Just don't turn into a prune.

Third: He was a risk taker. For instance, we went camping up in the Caribou National Forest. Seems rather regular, right? Well, I wasnt even supposed to be camping with a guy while attending this college. However, I am a risk taker too and I don't like people telling I can't do something. Probably explains my blantent lie to the Idaho Park Ranger when asked if I was a college student and I told her, "No ma'am."

Okay, so maybe scratch out number three. I dont want to be held responsible what y'all do.

Fourth: Learn to write eloquently and romantically. Nathan was the best at writng me charming love letters. I've saved a couple of these love notes in my journal. Here are some excepts of what Nathan wrote me (feel free to copy for your significant other):

"I didnt think that someone like you really existed and I had contented myself with what I saw in others. The dream of who I really wanted to be with was just that--a dream. It's amazing that a person like you really exists. Right here, in the flesh...

As rare as they are, people like you do exist. At least on exists. That's all I need...

I used to dream and hope that someone like you existed--someone beautiful and kind and gentle and fun. That's what you are to me. My heart feels like singing when I think of you and when I feel you near me. You're like a dream. But you're hear and real and wonderful. When you tell me about your life and your viewpoints on things, I fall deeper and deeper in love with you. You are so wise and intelligent...

You meet me Allie. You meet that vision and totally blast it out of the water!"

Now excuse me while I let my heart flutter, and whoever eventually got this man--Don't you EVER let him go!

Now for another favorite song...

Please Remember Me - Tim McGraw


Anonymous said...

Oh my he was a romantic and good tips on being more romantic this V-day. BTW my hubby loves to take bubbles baths also, lol!

Vanessa M. said...

I, too, was courted by a romantic in college. And I don't know why it didn't click for me, but it just didn't. He brought me my favorite ice cream at 1am while I was studying for a final... he knew I would be up studying. He even threw rocks at my 2nd story window. It was like a movie scene and all. Whoever got this guy is probably having a very romanitc Valentines day this weekend.

Karen said...

Oh my.....I can see why he won the title of most romantic guy you ever dated. Of course, I am sure he was ruggedly handsom, with large gentle hands and eyes with depths like the ocean......Why does some other woman end up with that guy? (Please don't take that as me complaining. I have it good. I just have one that got away too.)

Screwed Up Texan said...

Yes, he was such a romantic. And thanks newlyweds for letting me know Nathan isnt the only guy that does that. I thought it was normal...til my met my husband that refuses to set his toe in bathwater.

Vanessa! You were so lucky! Sounds like a real sweetheart...

Karen, I dont think you're complaining! Hindsight is 20/20 though huh. Ah well, we never know how we would have turned out anyways. For all I know, he could be some great doctor. I am not making it any better huh?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! Very nice to meet you!

Phoo-D said...

Bubble baths are definitely up there as a GREAT romantic idea. I'll be doing my best to fit one into the weekend somewhere!

Holly said...

Wow! some very romantic items, there.

I got to say, these two songs are two of my faves. I love "PLease remember me" and Annie's song. Both make me cry 80)

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