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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Okie Adventures: What Shelly Taught Me and a GIVEAWAY

Nearly a year ago to this date, my sister and her best friend and I drove to Turner Falls, Oklahoma in the Arbuckles of southern Oklahoma. Shelly rented a cabin for her best friend of fifteen years, herself and me. It was a quaint little cabin, but it couldn't have been more perfect for all of us.

I remember how kind Shelly she didn't want to stir up any trouble. This was a quality that she has always possessed. In that cabin, the microwave was melted and didn't seal properly and we were left without the pots and pans that the property managers were supposed to provide in each cabin. That was fine with Shelly--there was no need to fret in her mind. We could make due with what we had and the little the managers had left us. And she wasnt going to demand a refund of any sort.

It was this type of character that Shelly built her life on.

Shelly was fun-loving, charismatic, and thoughtful. At Turner Falls, we decided to check out an old "castle" that a professor had built several decades ago as his summer home. When no one dared to venture into the darkest room, Shelly checked it out. Shelly was the one who first laughed at the unusable toilet behind bars. Shelly was the one who laughed the entire way up the side of a mountain after we somehow ended up off the trail and couldn't figure out how to get down.

She even laughed when she sat on the only vertical stick in sight. That was Shelly for you!

And we laughed right back at her...

Shelly. Shelly was my favorite sister. Shelly was the sister that stood by my side during difficult times and encouraged me to stand strong. Shelly was the one who I looked up to and admired.

Shelly never could figure out why I admired her so much. Shelly was so humble.

When I decided to start making and selling my handcrafted jewelry online, she was the one to purchase my first two pieces. I didn't realize at the time last year that these moments we spent together at Turner Falls were to be one of our last moments together. Unexpectedly, she would leave this world less than four months later.

In honor of Shelly, my best friend and my mentor, I am GIVING AWAY a replica pair of earrings I made for her that she paid me for on this trip to Turner Falls. All you have to do is leave a comment, briefly describing your favorite memory--whatever it may be. Perhaps your high school graduation or maybe the day your son or daughter was born. GIVEAWAY ends Sunday, January 25th at 5 PM CDT. I will pick one random winner after that time and announce the winner later that day (erring my computer doesn't fry or something tragic doesn't happen). You have one week to claim it, so check back asap.
And if you so happen to not get chosen for this pair of earrings, you can purchase them HERE.


Hohni said...

My Favorite memories would have to be the times that I got to spend with my Grandma. She left this world way too early and from a rare, dreadful, devestating disease that would take her life over the weekend of my brothers graduation from High School (he was valedictorian of his class). I miss her no less today then what I did almost 15 years ago. She is on my mind daily. She was the woman who was there for me when I needed a Mom the most. I lived with my Grandparents during my high school years.

Amy said...

What an awesome tribute to your sister! I have two sisters of my own, and like you, I am a Texan. We grew up in a little town on I-30,where State Highway 271 intersects. I am quite a bit younger than they are,so they were more like extra moms. I was five when my oldest sister got married,and I thought my world was over! She was mo ing only across town, but it could have been 100 miles away to me. I was the flower girl in the wedding, and cried the whole time! Lori was so worried about me! She knew how hard it was on me, so all during the wedding she kept looking at me, instead of the pastor. She would wrinkle up her nose and stick out her tongue, trying to make me laugh. Finally, through tears I did laugh out loud. Everyone wondered why since they couldn't see her face. The groom thought it was hilarious, and I was a little happier. During the reception she carried me around, to keep me with her. Lori has always taken care of everyone. She still does. Now, she is 50 and I am 37, but I still go to her if I need advice or if I am worried about anything. She is a rock and we are so blessed to have her in our lives.

Mindee said...

My favorite memories all take place at the lake where my family spends vacations. My dad grew up going there and took us when we were little. I met my husband there! Now we take our own kids.

When I get home later, I'll mention your giveaway on my blog. :)

Holly said...

This is beautiful, Allie.

My favorite memory is when my oldest son was born. He came on Mother's Day, 1999. That was the best Mother's day present that I could ever wish for. Both of my parents were there at the hospital and everyone was so excited. He is the first grandchild on both sides. I remember all the time my parents spent at the hospital with us, and the time that they spent holding my newborn son. I miss my parents so much, yet I am so glad that they were on this earth long enough to see both of their grandchildren.

robin_titan said...

My favorite memory is when me and my best friend were at a park near both of our houses at night just sitting on the swings, listening to music, and singing out loud in the cold.

It was a simple evening but beautiful :D

jvanwag said...

Great story Allie. I wish I had a memory to offer, but for some reason this evening I am feeling somewhat out of sorts. Not only that, I think someone else would look much better in those beautiful earrings. They are very nice.

Melinda said...

Allie, You are an excelent writer, you are so talented!!
I'm sorry about the loss of your sister, it sounds like she was a wonderful person. I love your jewelery! This is a cool idea,
sorry I can't think of something to write. I'm sure I had a favorite memory....I just can't remember right

Candance said...

Oh, Allie, that is the sweetest tribute ever. How wonderful and sad all at once.

My favorite memories are all the nights I would hold Max on my chest, after I'd nursed him and smell his head and rub my cheek on his little peach fuzz. Those moments, in the middle of the night, when it was just he and I, and there was no CNN or MSNBC on in the background, I could forget my husband was fighting and possibly dying in a war and I could have peace for the first time all day.

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