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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Okie Adventures: Two Unforgettable Memories

Some moments in life are unforgettable: your first romantic kiss, your high school or college graduation, your wedding ceremony, the birth of your children (unless you were heavily sedated, but you get the point), and the look on your family's and neighbors' faces when you prance around the living room doing the Urkle Dance (thanks John for that memory).

Recently, I filed away a couple of those kinds of memories into my brain file of "Unforgettable Synapses". Both memories occurred in Oklahoma over the weekend.

First Unforgettable Memory

I am standing in line at the Whataburger in Sapulpa, Oklahoma waiting for my twin brother to show up in his Classic Cutless (that is one sweet car). As I talk with Judy at Whataburger to let her know that we are waiting for the rest of our party to arrive, one of Muskogee's Finest walks in and orders a meal.

Mind this is all at 11:30 PM. What I am doing ordering breakfast that late at night is beyond me.

We find a table to wait for John to arrive. Meanwhile, the police officer gets his meal and finds a table right next to ours to eat his breakfast. He probably wanted to keep an extra eye on my crazy family. Instead, I keep an extra eye on him and my jaw drops as I observe this member of Muskogee's Finest eating...oh my...a GRAVY and KETCHUP biscuit sandwich. Weird and gross.

Second Unforgettable Memory

On the way home from Oklahoma and while somewhere in Oklahoma City along I-35, we stopped for a restroom break at a gas station. Apparently, my younger brother hallucinated and heard me say that I had to go to the bathroom NOW. So, he gets the bright idea of taking the very next exit and stopping at the Hoe Mart--bars on the windows, dildos in a vending machine, pot and crack pipes in a display cabinet, and freshly gang tagged bathrooms.

I wasn't going to go in, but I had to go and I knew my brother wasn't going to stop again for a while. Why he didn't just stop along the side of the road out in the countryside is still a mystery. Personally, I would've rather had a couple dozen complete strangers viewing my butt as I squatted in a ditch, then used the restroom at the Hoe Mart in Oklahoma City.

Have I mentioned yet that my while at the Hoe Mart, my mother wore bright green flannel pajama pants with pink cupcakes all over them and that the Hoe Mart was right next to the Hoe Hotel (rooms starting at $25.95 or something like that).

Sorry y'all, no photos this time of the Hoe Mart or Oklahoma's Finest's Nasty Sandwich. Next time I'll be sure to keep my camara on me at all times...


Hohni said...

That would of been a site to see!!!

mom said...

IT wasn't that bad! And besides, I woke up to freezing temperatures and could not get warm so I just wore my nice warm pjs.

I have to admit though the ketchup thing was disgusting and I have NEVER seen anyone do that!

And my darling daughter did say she had to go BAD! So, my son thought she was like her youngest....need I say more?

Allie said...

No excuses now for stopping at the Hoe Mart. It WAS as bad as I wrote. Almost nothing is worse than walking into a gas station in an obviously bad neighborhood (crack houses nearby). Even the cashier was looking at us what the heck we were doing there.

We totally looked out of place.

The End :)

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