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Monday, January 5, 2009

Okie Adventures: Historic Route 66 in Sapulpa

I had a fine weekend in Sapulpa, Oklahoma celebrating my twin brother's and my birthday together and with our mother, younger brother and my twin brother's family. We ate at a nice resteraunt, watched a couple movies, went for a ride in my twin's classic Cutless and enjoyed the very nice weather by going on a walk.

Saturday was warm, but by that evening a strong cold front had swept through and cooled things off quite a bit. Which is why Sunday my sister-in-law and I decided to go for car ride. I have wanted to take photographs of Downtown Sapulpa for a while, and this was my chance...especially now that I have Photoshop Elements for 25 more days.

As you can see, Sapulpa lies along Historic 66.

In this photograph, a mural depicting Historic Route 66 is displayed.

This is a busy street corner, quiet on a Sunday afternoon.

Sign from the "past".

This is the entrance to a storefront, boarded up in Sapulpa, off of Historic Route 66.

I enjoyed my time in Oklahoma, and I hope you enjoy the photographs. Sapulpa is a quaint small city to visit. Next time, perhaps I will do a little shopping. Antiques anyone?


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