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Thursday, January 1, 2009

My New Years Resolutions and a GIVE AWAY at the End!

New Years Resolutions for 2009:

(Resolving to lose weight should be outlawed.)

1.) Find employment (I have been looking for a year now).
2.) Be successful at my Jewelry Selling Adventure.
3.) Grow a better garden than I did in 2008.
4.) Learn some new blogging design tricks.
5.) Learn how to wirewrap jewelry.

May your life in 2009 be surrounded my positive people, success and great friends. May my life be full of fortune, dark chocolate and bath bubbles. May I be able to take a much needed vacation. May my brother-in-law get married in Oregon so I can go visit all the Goonie's sites.

Oh yah...

6.) Finish watching Dances with Wolves.

I have totally seen that movie close to 50 times and I cannot watch the end because it is too disturbing for me. John Dunbar getting his butt kicked and the army tearing up his journal. If I were a guy, I'd be a pantywaste.


All you have to do for me is tell me in my comments section what your New Years Resolutions for 2009 are. I will pick ONE person randomly at 9 PM CDT, Friday January 2nd. That gives you a little bit of time to win this:

One, handcrafted by me, all glass necklace with mother of pearl pendant. Value of $18.00 if it were for sale in my Etsy shoppe.


edgar cabrera said...

Heck yeah I am in! This are some of my resolutions:
1. Walk my dogs everyday.
2. Work out.
3. Read everyday.
4. Cook more often at home. Learn new dishes.

Trust me, you don't want me to fill up your comments with resolutions!! This a very nice giveaway!

mom said...

I'm in! My resolutions are:

1. Relearn Spanish.
2. Don't worry so much.
3. Start dance lessons again.

Now for the birthday stuff:

It's your birthday shout hooray!...One year older and wiser too! Happy birthday to YOU!!


Kathy said...

1. Get organized
2. Get organized
3. Get organized
4. Actually do it!...LOL

Rae said...

My big plan is to run a half marathon! Wahoo!! I'm half way through my first week of training. Race is in June! I really like your gardening idea. I think I might adopt that one as well! Happy New Year!!!

Janelle said...

my resolutions:
1. have more patience
2. get moving
3. be grateful

p.s. i lived very close to the goonies sites in oregon

p.p.s. i grew up in south dakota, land of dances with wolves. in fact kevin costner (and his brother i think) have (at least had) a casino in deadwood, south dakota.

good luck with the job hunting! what tenacity you must have, being at it a year already. with the "economic crisis" i'm thankful to be a teacher (who has been around a while), as it gives me some security. my hubs on the other hand....not so secure!

dhw said...

For 2009 I need to:
Start eating heatlhy for me and my family.
Finally get around to reading how to have ads on my blog and maybe earn so extra moolah so I can spend it on cool jewelry that I see on other blogs!!! :)

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