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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My Kids are the MOST MISCHEVIOUS Kids--On the PLANET

Well, I was going to be all sophisticated and what-not this week. You know, philosophical and optimistic--but my kids ruined that one for me. That's right, they rid me of those high-spirited feelings today.

I should have known though. After all, it is Monday and what else can I expect? Let me just tell you and show you why my expectations for this week are off to a less than perfect start:

That's right, my kids discovered 911 and tried it out at dinnertime. At least the officer let me take a photograph...and I know that the Lewisville Police are only moments away.

Please wait while I go hide.


-Your Friendly Neighborhood Dentonista said...

LOL! I never called the cops, but, apparently, I was fond of throwing out my mother's jewelry.

Kristi said...

Oh dear. Too funny! At least the cop seemed good-natured about it! :) I'd be breathing fire! Ha ha!

Candance said...

I'm not laughing at you. I'm laughing with you. Looks like the cop has a sense of humor so that's good.

As parents, I think most of us have been there...

pam said...

listen to my music

Hohni said...

That is way too funny, well not really, but yes it is!!!!

Mindee said...

That is one of those moments as a parent that I have such a hard time with because you have to be all stern and serious to their faces when all you really want to do is bust up laughing!

Allie said...

Ah yes, I really do hope my kids learned their lesson...unfortunately, the cop did tell my kids that if they ever need "help" to call 911. Knowing my luck, my kids will be calling 911 the next time they want "help" getting food out of the fridge.

Mindee, I definitely wanted to laugh! I had to keep turning my head so my kids couldnt see my face.

Then I stayed up all night thinking I was the worst parent raising my kids horribly.

Then I laughed some more.

suzanne cabrera said...

Haha...if that's the cop that's coming, perhaps I'll call 911 too!

JUST KIDDING! Love your boys expressions in these photos.

Everyday Girl said...

I LOVE YOUR BOYS!!! They must make parenting so much fun, laughter way too many times, and you not being able to get angry at them because you also want to laugh at the same time! Bless them!

Tori said...

Super weird, but... that cop is my husband. For real. How random to see it on your blog!!! Don't feel bad- our son called 911 because he "wanted to talk to his dad." :)

Sorry, Suzanne... you're outta luck.

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