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Monday, January 26, 2009

My Boys

If you are a parent or godparent or if you have spent any amount of time around children, then you know that each child is as different and individual as the fallen leaves in late autumn. At a quick glance, some children may tend to behave alike--especially if they are from the same family. However, when you begin to spend time with and get to know each individual child, you discover that each child is a seperately acting person with personality traits and talents as unique as the shapes and colors from fallen oak leaves.

You probably already knew all that. Before I had children, I did not.

Take for instance my oldest son. He gets bored easily. If it wasn't his idea, then he doesnt want to do it. He'd rather tinker with legos and dominoes than play outside with his brothers and friends. He is also an excellent sketcher. He can take a camara or desk lamp and draw it almost to scale and he includes all the little details. Usually, if I try to take a good family photograph, he will have his head hung and his eyes rolling. "Stupid, stupid," is probably what he is thinking.

My middle child is completely different. If he wants something, he whines. If he is mad at you, then he will give you an evil glare. He wears his emotions on his sleeve...and face. This kid is also very talented at singing. My middle child can hear a song a couple times and he knows it almost by heart. The first song he ever sang was "Desperado" when he was two-and-a-half. His favorite song now is "Spider Pig" from the Simpson's Movie.

My youngest boy is a momma's-boy. Well, he is also a daddy's boy too. For instance, right now he is standing next to me, just barely touching my side for comfort. He will do anything to please his parents. He thinks he is a star. He also looks up to his older brothers and wants to accomplish anything they are doing. Matter of fact, he was climbing onto the kitchen countertops before he was even walking on his own. Thank goodness I have all plastic dishes!

I think this photograph captures all their personalities perfectly:


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