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Monday, January 12, 2009

Get Lost: Reflections on a Roadtrip

I love the open road. I love the countryside. I love everything there is about small towns, country folk and rural life. Often, I envy those that get to live their lives outside the big city and away from all the hustle and bustle I currently call home. I love wide open spaces--and so sometimes I go on drives just to get lost.

This last weekend, I did just that. Part of me did it in honor of my sister who passed away last May. It would be her fortieth birthday today. She loved long drives and experiencing the new or occasionally re-experiencing the old in a new light. She loved cross-country driving, but often she would only have the time to drive a couple hours from home. Mostly, she enjoyed the company of others on these roadtrips. Personally, I have discovered during these reflective moments that there is always something different to learn and sometimes, just when I think I know all there is about a certain area, I discover something new.

(Long stretches of road with only one radio station have a way of fascinating and perplexing me...especially when the only radio station is in Spanish.)

This last weekend, I took my three boys and my husband out to the Hill Country. I love the Hill Country of Texas! This is an area where often a farmer or rancher will pull over and drive on the shoulder of the road to let other drivers pass. I've noticed the shoulder of the road is often wider in the Hill Country.

Here are some photographs depicting some of the finer points of our roadtrip:

Eight magnificent (and huge) wild turkeys.

The prairie sky is wide and high deep in the heart of Texas.

A testament of the past--a old windmill behind a barbed wire fence.

A testament to the future--electric generating windmills.

Cacti in a wooded clearing along the banks of Possum Kingdom Lake.

A sunset at the end of a long and tiring day (driving does that to me).

In the words of John Denver, no matter how cliche it may sound, country roads take me home to the place I belong...but in Texas.

Happy Birthday Shelly!


hsearle said...

Hey Allie and Family,
Just wanted to say Hi. I kind of got off of facebook and my blog account when I came home and actually had to start helping with the kids again, what a shame! I am going to try and write some blogs and keep in better contact. Hope you had a good holiday season. Someday we should invite ourselves on a little road trip and of our own and come visit you guys. I love to travel. Anyhow, happy new year!
Forrest and family

Allie said...

Forrest, we'd love it if your fam came to visit! Don't come in the summer though when it is HOT and HUMID. Let us come to you. :)

When the World Stops said...

Hey there! I discovered your blog through your comment on The Pioneer Woman's site. I'm glad that I did. You have a great site here!

I love road trips, too. I really enjoyed reading your description of your latest trip and looking at all of your great photos.


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