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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Year In Review: 2008

I began blogging in June 2008, primarily as an outlet for the many and mixed emotions that were overwhelming me as my dear sister passed unexpectedly just the month previously. Matter of fact, the title of this blog actually comes from the title of the imaginary book my sister and I joked about often that we should write on our childhood called, "Confessions of a Screwed Up Family". It was our sisterly joke. My goal for my blog at that point was to post once a week--or whenever my mind and heart drew me to writing. Little did I know that my mind and heart would soon have me blogging five days a week (weekends off, thank you) on a variety of subjects.

Over the past six months, my topics have morphed and my blog has changed it's look several times. Over the next year, I have a lot of ideas in mind for this blog and I hope to continue to improve it and morph it into something even more worthwhile. This next year will be a year of contests, sharing, recipes, and more. So, hang on to your seats and see what I have in store for the upcoming year!

Idea from Shawnanigans.

The Year In Review (Including the Five I Was Not With You)

In January, I turned 27 and took a hiking trip to Turner Falls Park in Davis, Oklahoma. My sister rented a cabin and brought her best friend along. We had fun hiking off the trail, scaling some cliffs (okay, we were lost), hanging out with the locals (you couldn't have written a better novel), and spending some quality time together. I am glad we did, because it would be one of our last times together.

In February, I began a new job working in the mail room as a temporary mail clerk at EMC Mortgage/Bear Stearns. My first day of work was on Valentine's Day. I really shouldn't have taken the job (hindsight is 20/20) as I was only being paid $10 an hour and I still had to pay for gas and a babysitter for my three children. I was paying to go to work, which is why...

In March, I quit my job. Yep, four weeks of paying to work made me do it. My sister and her three boys came down to visit over Spring Break and we had a great time looking at apartments for her and her three boys. We had fun going to the park, eating out, and spending time together. I am still looking for a job.

In April, I held our Second Annual Neighborhood Crime Watch meeting and had aroud fifty attendees, including the Mayor, Chief of Police and other City Officials. It was a very successful meeting.

In May, I recieved the saddest information of my life. I was informed that my sister, and best friend, had passed away. I left the very next morning to prepare for her funeral and make arrangements. My husband was a great support during this time. I also began talking to my mother again after not talking to her for a very long time.

In June, I began blogging. My very first post is entitled, "Why Marriages Fail". I wrote it because my husband's parents had just announced that they had filed for divorce. That post was more of a cry for help so I would know how to handle my husband's divorce (my parents are divorced and yet this was a whole new experience for me).

In July, I wrote a rant about "My Experience with Salespeople" after 9 PM. Door to door salespeople may I add. What surprised me and actually delighted me is that their director saw my post and left me a comment aplogizing for the salepeople's rude behaviour.

In August, my in-laws' divorce became final and my husband and I thought we could emotionally move on...that is until one of the parents decided to call us all the time with their sad story. We now screen calls.

In September, I got all excited about Hurricane Ike possibly passing over Dallas, Texas, and then I was sad was when all we got was a little rain. My neighbor's even held a "Hurricane Ike" party. I also laughed at Geraldo when he got sandblasted by Hurricane Ike's wind...and I am still wondering what the heck he was thinking...

In October, I made a trip to Oklahoma to visit family. While in Lawton, all four of my tires got slashed. However, my twin brother made up for it by listening to Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon via a styrofoam cup strapped to his cell phone.

In November, we went to Glenrose, Texas and checked out the dinosaur tracks. We took a walk in the river and hiked around for a bit. The trip was totally worth it, because for the first time in a couple years, gas had dropped below $2 a gallon. It is currently, $1.45 a gallon where I live.

In December, my family enjoyed the holidays, including Christmas, as well as some time with family. My husband's uncle, John Van Wagoner, also shared this song that he wrote:

The Most Holy of Nights - John VanWagoner


dhw said...

So very sorry to hear about the passing of your sister!!! Wishing you a wonderful new year and new bloggie friends.

Kathy said...

You mean Shelly and her friend Ila? Or was that someone else?

Allie said...

Yes, Shelly and Ila.

I am wishing all of you a Happy New Year too...and Happy Birthday to me...Number 28!

lisa said...

its heraldo...not geraldo

edgar cabrera said...

It seems you have had a heck of a year! Whatever happens to good people happens for a reason. On the other hand i like the idea of having the "Hurricane Ike" party. That is just funny! Happy New Year and Happy Birthday!

Kathy said...

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!

And many more!!!

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