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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Poll: Desktop or Laptop?

Maybe, I should just start using a typewriter.

Here's the deal: My two littlest ones successfully fried my computer again. This time, they stuck a phillips head screwdriver into the cooling fan frying the harddrive and power supply. My computer is beyond fianancially reasonable repair. However, I have to have a computer. I run a daily blog here and yes, I do make money off these ads, so I have to keep the writing up.

I've been thinking for awhile now about whether or not to get a laptop. A laptop would be nice because then I would be able to blog and do email on vacation. I could also use it when downstairs watching a movie. It would also be nice because it would be smaller and therefor easier to hide from the kids. Cons are that it wouldn't have as much memory (I am looking to spending around $500 total) and there might be issues with not having a charged battery when I need it. I need to use be able to use Office products, internet, and photo-editing software concurrently.

A desktop would be nice to have and I found one suitable for my use at Best Buy. This computer comes with speakers (did I mention the kids also cut the speaker wires with scissors?) and an all-in-one printer: scanner/copier/printer. All this for just $349! A desktop would allow me greater memory for photographs and other high-memory software products.

This is going be a Christmas present to me. My husband already told me this is what I get for both Christmas and my birthday (January 1st). I cannot really afford much, but like I said I have to the computer for blogging.

So, what is your reccomendation--Laptop OR Desktop? Don't forget the poll at the top of this page!


dhw said...

Kids...gotta love them!!!!
I'd like to get into the ad making money...How do ya do it???

nancypants said...

All I can say is GET A MAC!!! You will never regret it! I love my Mac Desktop... it's SO much faster than any PC.

Allie said...


You are the second person to tell me (some of y'all have emailed me) to get a Mac. I am going to have look into this Mac thing...

I think it is funny how so far most people have told me to "trade the kids in"...

Kristi said...

I'd definitely go for a desktop -- they're A LOT easier to upgrade in the future than a laptop is.

Wanda said...

Girl.....did you beat em?
I would go bezerrrrrk!

Once when we were in Canada on a fishing middle child who was around 13 spilled a can of coke into her dad's laptop. never worked again.
We wanted to beat her...but it was so funny (her reaction to it) that it calmed us all down.
Crazy kids!

Wanda said...

Oh...and hubby...not a Mac fan!
This he knows a bit about.
He's a computer whiz-o!

He's a Microsoft guru....Dell won't do you wrong.
But think for yourself.

mom said...

well mom voted to "trade in the kiddos" or maybe permanent time out (mom thinks that might be child abuse).

i say you should stick with a Dell and if i get the job, i plan to interview for, then on you can have mine.... so save your money honey. ;-)

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