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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

My Dream Dresses

Oh...If I could just have this dress! One of my favorite things to do in my spare time (spare time--what is that?) is design women's clothing. Too bad I don't sew, because if I did I would put together the following designs. I don't really like dresses, but the following dresses I would wear.

The first one I can imagine in a soft cotton with an elastic woven waist. This dress is pretty, feminine and most of all pratical. I can see myself wearing it to Walmart, to Targette (that's Target to those of you who missed that), to Saks Fifth Avenue, to a City Council meeting. It is totally me.

Saks, if you are looking for a new designer, please pick ME!

This next one is a black and white long sleeved version on the first dress. It is sleek, modern, and urban. I imagine the cloth to be a nice business checked or striped design, although I think the design could lend itself to several pretty patterns such as a simple floral motif or even a light woven textile. Of course, the color possibilities are endless, but black and white is the most versatile in my opinion.

Last, for now, is this violet pleated short dress. I wasn't going to add it to this particular post, however I just saw it at my local TJ Maxx. I promise I did not copy it! I designed this dress several months ago and I think it is really cool that I saw it at a store. Of course, I am not saying that someone copied me either, I just enjoy in my mind thinking that I think like a designer.



dhw said...

I really need to get some talent rolling....I am so un creative.

mom said...

sweetheart if you are going to be dreaming; shouldn't you dream bigger than Target and Walmart? I know you thought of Saks but the streets of Milano and avenues of New York are where fashions are made. Reach for the stars and dream your dreams big!

you are full of talent between your designs and your jewelry...

Allie said...

Okay...I am dreaming big...trying.

Still too bad I can't sew. Bummer.

Candance said...

I totally need the middle dress for work. Totally. With my black boots. Or cute black stilettos. Can't you show that to someone who can sew and can put it in some store in Highland Village so I can buy it?

Allie said...

I wish I knew someone that could sew...if so, I'd already have the dress in my size! If you know anyone that does sew...let me know so I can go hit up those Highland Village folks.

You know they want me.

Aiyana said...

All these dresses are looking so nice!!

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