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Monday, December 15, 2008

The Most Holy of Nights

Have you realized yet there are only eleven days left until Christmas Day! Only eleven days left to go shopping for all those Christmas gifts, to plan for your Christmas parties, to attend those fabulous parties (and not so fantastic ones), and to eat grandma's fruit cake (eek!). That is a lot to do in just eleven days!

However, have you thought what this season is all about? Most especially, have you remembered what Christmas is celebrated for in the first place? Oh thank Goodness it is not to spend time with Grandma's fruitcake! Let's remember together:

This season is about giving, kindness, charity, serving, and family. But most of all...

Christmas is about the birth of Jesus Christ on the most holy of nights who is our Saviour and King.

The following song is written by my husband's uncle, John Van Wagoner. He wrote the song on a moment of pure inspiration. He later had it recorded and here it is for you to listen to today.
You are welcome to visit his website at This song is available to download for FREE this Christmas season HERE.

The Most Holy of Nights - John VanWagoner


A Mac said...

Great Song, also I have a couple posts this week and the big love trailer for my weekly video

mom said...

OMG "X"mas is just around the corner and I haven't bought a thing.... What is a mom to do??
I did buy my children's favorite candy but I ate it all. (mental note to self: don't buy xmas candy 3 weeks prior to xmas) What was I thinking when I let my dear sweet child talk me into that???

Well actually, I took care of the grandbabies gifts but for my own babies I have to get busy. I love this time of year and try to spread the joy thru the entire year. Presents aren't for just one special night but for every special night you can possibly think of.

I don't have much but what I have I lavish on my family (when they let me).

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