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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Woman, Bring Me A Beer!

I was recently browsing through some old family photos and came across the following photo:

It was a warm summer day and our family and several others were partying at my stepdad's coworker's house. The adults were doing the "adult-thing" and the children were doing the "children-thing". We had all been told to bring our swimsuits, but as you can see from my little brother, somehow that message to not get to my family's kids.

Eventually, one of the other adults piped up and my brothers and sister and I jumped in the pool. Just as a side-note, jumping in the pool is also the cause of one of my childhood embarrassments--after I dived in, I came to the surface with no shirt on. Somehow my shirt had slipped off when I went under. I didn't notice until all the other kids started laughing at me.

Back to topic. Here's the photo in case you forgot what we were talking about:

Now look carefully...notice the vintage playpen and all the old time baby walkers?

Look carefully.

Someone, please tell me a baby was not drinking THAT BUDWEISER!



Liza said...

Too funny! They always say things were much more lax way back when ;)

suzanne cabrera said...

That's funny!

Allie said...

It's funny what I notice sometimes.

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