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Monday, November 10, 2008

Low Gas Prices, Dinosaurs and the Creation Evidence Museum: OH MY!

A couple weekends ago, Cowboy, me and the kids all went down to Glen Rose, Texas for Fossilmania (a fossil related show). It was a fun family experience. And what the heck, gas was only $1.93 in Granbury!

That is right, I said $1.93!!!!

That means our trip cost less than $50 total including going out to eat. Glen Rose is a two hour drive for us in a Ford van. You bet I picture messaged all my family on my cell phone the incredible deal at the gas pump.

So what else did we do in Glen Rose besides go look at a bunch of fossils? Well, we also went down to Dinosaur Valley State Park and walked in the Paluxy River among the dinosaur tracks. Well, the kids actually jumped in the water. I know, I is November and what the heck are my kids doing in the water? Well, actually I havnt the slightest, because I too thought the water was a little too cold. But they liked it. And it was hot outside, so whatever.


We went to the Creation Evidence Museum-The FREAKIEST Place I Have EVER Been! Now, I believe in the creation and Bible and God and everything, but these folks were fanatics of a different kind. A really different kind!

When we all walked in, the operators of the "museum" were all giving us crazy looks like they wanted to convert us to their Alvis Delk Rock (a rock with a fake human footprint and dino footprint next to eachother).

You think that's wierd? Try the "fossilized" human finger:

If that isn't enough to think these people belong in Crazy Town, how about the world's first hypobaric chamber? A missile-looking thing that is supposed to mimic the atmospheric conditions of Earth before The Flood. They claim it causes flies to grow larger (why in the world would we want that) and live longer (again, WHY) and (this is where you should start laughing) takes the poision right out of copperhead snakes.

Oh my word!

To each his own.

Personally, we walked in, and after about ten minutes walked right out....LAUGHING.


Shannon and Alex said...

Oh, you and I could be BEST friends!!

Charli said...

I took a picture of the gas prices here and sent it to my mom in Idaho. The nearest gas station, half a mile down the road (Krogers) is at 1.96 for regular. We fill up on premium, but still. Dang cheap compared to a year ago!

Allie said...

I was down in Azle, Texas this last weekend and I was suprised to see it at just $1.85 a gallon!

To all those who said it would never get below $3 a gallon...I told you so!

andrea said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
KMDuff said...

Love it! Driven by the creation place, never stopped in, looks like a fun adventure! :)

Candance said...

Unless I dreamed this, gas is $1.80-something at the Kroger on University in Denton. It excited me, even if it might have been in my sleep.

I went to college in Stephenville, so Glen Rose has a special place in my heart. Plus, my dad used to take me to Dinosaur Valley State Park when I was a kid and it was always fun, fun cause he's super smart and what he doesn't know he just makes up in such a way that is sounds like he knows what he's talking about.

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