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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Creep Next Door Got the Bird

Remember my post about The Creep Next Door?
You know, the porn-maker?
Well, the other morning I was taking a drink at my kitchen sink that overlooks his side yard fence. He sees me and gives me a big fake smile and waves.
I wave the bird back at him.
I know--unChristian-like and totally unlady-like.
Oh well (so unrepentant), I guess he can't use the "we've never had problems before" excuse to the police now.


Liza said...

NO YOU DIDN'T!!! LMAO - go you! :)

dhw said...

Too funny!!! I'm gonna have to find your post on the Creep next door....

Charli said...

Eww. Before we move into a house I always look up our address to see how close we are to registered offenders. So far, we've been fine- no direct neighbors or even anyone on the block.

Allie said...

Unfortunately, this dude has never been convicted of any crime so he is not listed on any registries. Found out about him totally by fluke three days after we moved in.

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