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Friday, October 24, 2008

Srgt P's Jinx Monkey: The Story

This is something that never happens around here, but a few weeks ago I got a collection notice in the mail letting me know that I had forgotten to pay my truck bill (funny thing is that I have a clear title), so off to the bank to pay up.
I admit I was in a little bit of a hurry to be the first one at the bank that morning, as I did not want my rowdy kids disturbing the peace. So, my hurrying in a school zone caused me to get pulled over by the great Flower Mound Police Department. That's right, I received my very first ticket...something else that does not happen very often around here.

I was pretty upset at Srgt P for causing this ticket and he knows why. Well, it wasn't really his fault...but he let me borrow his Jinx Monkey during the Lewisville Citizen's Police Academy to take the bad luck off of my driving excursions. You know what this crazy lady did:

I stole Srgt. P's Jinx Monkey!

I stuck the Jinx Monkey right in my purse and walked out of the police station. I was holding him hostage...but I don't think the monkey liked being away from his master that well seeing the monkey cursed me even more by four slashed tires (the monkey did it) and my most embarrassing moment yet to date (read next week--it involves my kids).

So, I gave the darned monkey back.

Srgt P is happy! He missed his monkey.

Like your mug Srgt P.


Liza said...

That is too funny, but it stinks about the ticket! I hope you get the ticket wiped off now that you gave the monkey back :)

P.S. I left you something on my blog today!

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