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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Oklahoma Trip Part One: Four Slashed Tires in Lawton

Last Friday, I decided to make an impromptu trip to Oklahoma. My twin brother, The Mechanic, was possibly having a baby that weekend and since I knew I would not have the chance to go up to Oklahoma to see him for a while, I made the decision to go at the last minute.
Lucky for me, I only had to tag one kid along...the oldest. I got the better deal.
The plan for my trip was to first pick my mother up in Fort Worth, drive 2 1/2 hours to Lawton, Oklahoma to pick up my sister, get up early and drive 3 hours to Sapulpa, Oklahoma, check into a hotel and visit my brother and his family.

Well, everything went as planned until early Saturday morning when we decided to drive off. You see, we got all the luggage and kids into my van, but when I tried to back out my van wouldn't go. I couldnt believe it: all four tires of my van had been slashed during the night!

What rude and inconsiderate person could have done this? Well, I have a good idea whom, but will stop right there for the moment. Let's just say that sometimes relationships don't work out for the best and people can act really immature during these types of circumstances. Apparantly, this person thought I was someone else and slashed my tires and several others to make sure they got the right person. This is individual also decided to slash my sister's car hoses under the hood--about twenty times AND pour sugar down her gas tank AND take their key and open her car and steal some financial paperwork out of it. This person was even seen leaving the parking lot at 4 AM. You bet I was fed up and you know what I did:

I called the Lawton Oklahoma Police.

Officer Santiago is the officer that took the report. He was very courteous and informative. We all enjoyed having him there to assist us. Besides, he was a little cute, but what man in a uniform isn't? I remember when my husband was a correctional officer in Wyoming and boy did I love it when he'd dress up for work!

As expensive as it was, I had to have all four tires replaced on my vehicle. Sam's and Walmart (where I orginally purchased my tires) did not carry my size tire in stock (and I have a very common van), so I had to go to Hibdoms in Lawton and purchase my tires there. I had a great experience at Hibdoms (and some fun) and you can read more about that in a future post. I can't believe I spent over $500 for new tires!!

Now, how to put on new tires:

Let the apartment handyman, Chuck, do it for you. Thanks Chuck!


Liza said...

OMG Allie that totally sucks!! What a jerk that did all that to so many people. I always find comfort in the fact that Karma's a bitch and they usually get theirs in the end.

Allie said...

You got it right girl!

Candance said...

Dude, that is insane. Insane. At least the cop was cute. That makes all the suckiness a little less sucky I guess.

Wanda said...


WHo's the crazy idiot?

I'd kill em!

Sorry about that, Allie.....some people are just N U T S !!

suzanne cabrera said...

Oh my gosh...that sucks!!!! So sorry to hear about this.

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