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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Oklahoma Trip Part Four: Low Gasoline Prices

Remember when gas cost over $4.00 a gallon?
I do. I screamed a lot. It was scary. I even considered dressing up for Halloween as a gas station price sign.
Well, on our trip in Oklahoma, most gas stations were charging just $2.49 a gallon and we stopped at this station that was selling gasoline for just $2.29 a gallon!

(Remember, this was almost two weeks gas is less than $2.20 here in some parts of DFW! Makes a good excuse to take a short road trip.)

Of course I took pictures!

And I embarrassed everyone in the process.
However, I am sure the "Stop Sign of Oklahoma" made up for all the money I saved at the pump. Danged toll roads EVERYWHERE.


Allie said...

Well, may I comment that gas was just $1.93 last weekend in Glen Rose? I heard it went even lower than that. I wonder what it is now.

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