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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I Wanted To Die Last Week: Here's Why

That's right, I really, really, really wanted to die. I was ready to crawl into a ball and whither away. If I was the Wicked Witch of the West, I would have gladly accepted death by water as opposed to what happened to me at the post office.

You see, my youngest child completely embarrassed me.

It all started when I went to the Flower Mound Post Office to mail my sister's wallet to her.

I must digress--I hate going anywhere in public with all my kids. Especially the post office. Or bank. Or library. You know, those places where everyone's supposed to be quiet. Well, on this occasion (and every time we go to the post office) Scientist, Elvis and Little Prince were all running around like little kids do and none of them were obeying me. So, I buckled my youngest into his buggy where at least I knew where he was. The other two just kept running around. Grabbing envelopes and stamps and whatever other things the post office was selling.

I didnt want to yell and make everyone else feel uncomfortable. So, I kept setting my children aside and quietly scolding them for disobeying their mother. They listened to me for a total of maybe thirty seconds. Then off they went again to terrorize the thirty or so customers already in line.

Oh God, please make this line move a little faster, I pleaded.

Then, just after one of the mail clerks yelled at my kids to "knock it off" the worst experience of my life happened. I heard two women behind me giggling, because:

Little Prince had completely stripped himself and was running around the post office IN THE NUDE!

I will never go to the Flower Mound Post Office again!


Liza said...

omg, that is SO funny! Not so much for you of course, but I would have been hysterical if I were in there, lol. Did you ask him why he did it?!

nancy said...

I love it! And I would have died on the spot.

Once my brother-in-law took his son out of the tub, placed him in front of the tv, and went to get him clothes. He was gone just a few seconds. He found my nephew streaking down the street.

Allie said...

This kid has got to me the most shameless little thing I know. May I mention, that this is not the first time he has streaked. This is just the first time he has streaked in a public place (other times have been down the street, sidewalk, neighbor's front yard, backyard, etc.).

My husband got a good laugh.

Anonymous said...

Dear "Allie",

As I read more of your blogs I can really say you and your family is screwed up! When people walk down the street they point at your family as the "black sheep" or weirdos! you make this world a fun place to live in

Allie said...


Laura said...

Hey, I can relate----my kids also have been known to strip to nothing in a public place. If you have kids, it's bound to happen somewhere. I won't talk about my kid having diahrea all over the Carls Jr. the other day. Not so pleasant.

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