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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Another Reason to Run from Hobson Air (Comfort Experts)!

I blogged about a company I did business with back when our old air conditioner "went out". I put "went out" in quotations, because I found out later that the air conditioner really hadn't stopped was actually a malfunction with my thermostat. Hobson sold me a new unit that I payed way too much for--just to find out that they had put in the wrong size unit. Hobson did not even want to honor their "Comfort Guarantee" until I sent them a certified letter return receipt explaining to them that I was going to contact the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation. That's when they decided to honor their guarantee and put the correct size unit in.

Thank you Climate Care Air for giving me a written heat load analysis for my home! I DO recommend Climate Care Air for all your air conditioning and heating needs. They can be contacted at 972-353-5257. They serve the north Dallas area (Lewisville, Flower Mound, Coppell, etc.) Visit them at their website at to learn more. Another neat thing about this business is that it is woman owned...something rare in this industry. No, Climate Care Air did not pay me or ask me to recommend them. I just really like them enough to be this generous. Go with a company that will treat you with courtesy and respect--Go with Climate Care Air.

By the way, I never did receive my "return receipt". There is Hobson trying to cover their butts again.

What are your experiences?
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Candance said...

YOU GO GIRL!!! I hate companies that screw people over and I love seeing people like you bust them for their dirty tactics.

Allie said...

Why thanks!

Anonymous said...

To anyone who has experience working for Hobson/ Comfort: Does Philip Hobson work full time in the business? Does he supervise the work performed? I ask this because they use his TDLR license to solicit business. Based on TDLR rules a licensee must work full time in the business (at least 40 hrs per week). It is my understand Philip Hobson (the father) does not even work in the business. Instead they just use his name and licensee number (a very low number). A clear violation of the TDLR rules. Then they claim they have been in business since 1962. All business actually goes to Comfort Experts Inc. They actually started business in 2000. Can any of you former employees confirm whether Philip Hobson works full time in the business (or at all)?

Anonymous said...

I can confirm that Phillip is semi- retired and is around very little. For obvious reasons I will stay anonymous.

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