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Friday, September 19, 2008

To the Dump!

And NO, I am not talking about the furniture store. Heard they have good deals on furniture and rugs, but I haven't been there yet.

Anyhow, the Friday before Hurricane Ike struck Galveston and came north up here, Cowboy and I decided to go to the dump. Our trailer was full of junk, mostly bathroom junk from a bathroom Cowboy remodeled and it needed to be cleared out. I am sure our neighbors are glad it's gone.

I don't paticularily like going to the dump, but the Lewisville dump is by far the coolest dump I've ever been to. You would never guess this big mountain (and may I say it is the only mountain in the area) is a dump from the freeway. Once up close you can't say or smell otherwise. Acres of trash, huge flocks of seagulls and pigeons, and the smell of rotten popcorn.

Our kids love the dump. They especially like the Waste Management garbage trucks. Once, when at Target, our kids saw a toy Waste Management garbage truck and begged us to buy one for them. Our kids like to greet the trash man on garbage collection days (that's twice a week).

Look at all this trash! I am sure there is some stuff in here that could be reused instead of thrown away and I'd scavenge if it was allowed. To the brave, the Lewisville dump brings a whole new meaning to "Dumpster Diving"!

Confession: I've never scavenged at this dump, however I have at other dumps.

That is a story for another day.


A Mac said...

Instead of family bonding, on a family fun night or sometihng yall go to the local dump and enjoy going. LOL Now I know why Fresh confessions of a SCREWED up texan fits

Happy Friday!

Kim's Korner said...

I can remember visiting my cousin as a kid, and my uncle would take us to the dump at twilight, to see the BEARS roam around it LOL.

From the safety of the car of course ;-)

It was always an exciting experience for the 'city girl' LOL

Allie said...

Once, I brought home green grapes to eat from a dump...that's for another story.

Stay tuned!

Charli said...

Nothin' wrong with some dumpster diving! My dad once scored us a massive entertainment unit. It was ginormous. And it was all hinged together so that it collapsed if it wasn't braced. I'd never seen anything like it.

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