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Monday, September 1, 2008

My Apron Fetish

So, I must confess…I have a fetish with aprons. I really do like to wear them. Especially vintage inspired ones. They have to be stylish though. I love this apron at Progeny!

Some women seem to think that apron wearing is an outdated fashion statement. First, I must say that I used to agree. However, now as the mommy of three small boys, I can’t tell you of one other wardrobe item that has liberated me more as a mother and woman than my four current aprons.

How are aprons liberating?

They hold everything imaginable—which means the home phone and my cell phone are always within reach (no more looking for the phone).

My apron holds coins, nails and any other small item I may find on the floor while cleaning.

I hide the office room key in my apron.

My aprons keep my clothing clean by preventing spills and wipes and dirty hand prints. This means I can actually get fully dressed in the morning and not worry about getting my clothes soiled and having to change later in the day.

My dream apron:

Even though I already own four aprons, I do really want a nicer one—preferably a vintage inspired one. I love vintage prints. Oh and my aprons must have a bib top. Although I do think a waist apron might be fun to have as well.

So, if anyone out there really wants to get me something that I would absolutely adore, please buy me or make me an apron. I’ll love you forever! Maybe, just maybe I’ll do something for you. But then again, that might not be a good idea.
Aprons in this post can be found at Progeny, Inc and Jessie Steele.


Charli said...

I love aprons too. They are VERY practical. I like to bake and do so fairly often. Even when I am trying to be neat, flour gets on me. If I'm wearing an apron, its no big deal. I don't have to run and change shirts before I leave the house just because some batter splattered on me. Aprons save your clothes, people! Not to mention my daughter's clothes!

Latex Clothing said...

I love the beautiful clothes....

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