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Monday, September 22, 2008

Homemade Natural Carpet Freshener

If any of you read my post about my embarrassing children, then you will find it easy to believe that my children occasionally have "accidents" on my carpet as well. Well, actually I don't think they're accidents...what my kids do is more on purpose than anything else.

So, you can imagine how my upstairs carpets used to smell. As embarrassing as it is for me to upstairs occasionally smells like kid pee. Ugh! Even steam cleaning my carpets is not enough.

It wasn't until a week ago that I found a great solution to the problem from a friend of mine. She had the same problem with an older pet of hers and found a great natural remedy for urine scent. I tried it and it really works! Here's how to do it:

Measure 1 cup baking soda
Mix in 1/4 tsp of your favorite essential oil (I like lavender and orange)
Make sure you mix the soda and oil well and break up any clumps
Now take the mixture and add to an old spice or powder shaker and sprinkle all over carpet
OR sprinkle mixture using your hands
In either case, let stand for 1 to 3 hours
Vacuum up completely

Side note: Now I use a bag vacuum cleaner (I think they work better than the bagless variety). I have found that every time I run the vacuum that it lets off a lavender fragrance. I can't smell any pee, just the lavender and that is something to keep in mind. Make sure you use a fragrance you like, because you are going to smell it every time you turn the vacuum on.

Anyways, this tip works for anyone with small children or pets and I highly recommend it over commercial products that are expensive and contain chemicals. Costs 30 cents to 50 cents per cup.


Anonymous said...

Now that IS a great idea. Thanks!

A Mac said...

I can vouch for the bag vacuums work better then the bag less vacuums and that the upstairs does smell ALOT better then it did before.


p.s this week is homecoming week
(check my post about Homecoming on Wednesday)

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