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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Finished Seascape Mural!

I finally finished the mural in Scientist’s room!

I really planned on letting him help me paint some rocks, but I decided his “helping” would eventually turn into a mess. Then, I was going to let him bring me supplies, but he was at school while I was painting and so he lost out on that opportunity as well.

I thought Scientist was going to be angry with me and, mostly, sad that I didn’t let him help. To my surprise though, he was extremely enthusiastic when he saw the mural and he didn’t once mention anything about me not letting him help. So much for me feeling badly!

For the mural, I painted a red and white lighthouse (his special color request), an airplane and a sailboat. Cowboy and the neighbor boy thought the bed would look good up against the mural, so we moved the bed and put it there. What do you think about the bed placement? I am still not sure about it yet.

My next project for his room is to paint the white dresser back to white—Elvis and Little Prince scribbled red and black permanent marker all over it. Then I’ve got to finish painting the rest of the room back to beige. Eventually, I’ll clean the carpets.

So, what do you think?


Charli said...

That is really impressive. Seriously. Great job. I bet any boy would be proud of that!

Shanna said...

I love this painting. Where did you put it?

Allie said...

The mural is in Austin's room.

Nan said...

So beautiful! Gerat work! If only you lived here... I would have SO hired you!!

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