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Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Divorce Part 3

I need suggestions.

Lots of suggestions.

You see, my in-laws got a divorce and now my father-in-law is calling us constantly to vent his anger and frustration with his exwife. He is understandably upset and depressed over the situation, but Cowboy and I can only take so much! He calls to ask us to call his exwife and tell her "she did a terrrible thing and needs to get back with Dad." He is basically putting us in the middle and when I tell him that he disagrees.

Oh brother!

It has gotten to the point that I refuse to answer the phone if I know it is him calling.

What are your suggestions on handling this situation?


Mom said...

Point him to your website. If he doesn't get the hint then there is no hope for the man!

I have always heard love is blind so perhaps in this case he is deaf and dumb too?

(clarification: allie's mom)

Allie said...

Too bad he is technically challenged. Believe me, I have thought of that.

Oh, and I'd like to call him a "titty-bag".

Charli said...

Perhaps it should be pointed out how sad it makes him that he is so desperate to get back with the woman who divorced him? Surely he has more pride than that (and ya, I know, we're not supposed to be prideful, yadayadayada).

Maybe he could be turned on to some dating websites? It might not hurt for him to see that there are other fish in the sea...

If none of that works, get caller id.

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