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Friday, August 29, 2008

My Near Death Experience in the Garden

You have to read this blog post.

I about barfed while I was out in the garden yesterday. My stomach curled up inside of me and sent heebie-jeebies up and down my spine. I think every pore on my body goosed up as my hair stood on end. The reason…I’ll explain:

You see, something has been eating the leaves on my bell peppers. It wasn’t such a big deal until the other day when I spotted several big leaves eaten and mutilated. I searched everywhere for the culprit, but couldn’t find anything. Yesterday, I went out to see if the garden needed to be watered, when I observed that all of the tops of my pepper plants and FIVE of my peppers had been eaten! I looked at the dirt and saw large balls of poop the size of rabbit terds. I was ticked…and you know my neigbhbors heard me.

I was on a tirade. This had to stop! Five of my precious peppers were gone! So I looked high and low, and high and low again. Then I spotted it. A five-inch green caterpillar. A horned tobacco worm to be exact. Oh my gosh!

If my neighbors hadn’t heard my rant when I spotted the destroyed peppers, then they definitely heard me when I saw the caterpillar. I am surprised I didn’t faint.

So, what did I do about it? I ran to my neighbor’s house and had her pick the caterpillar off the pepper plant. My boys thought it was the coolest and picked it up and played with it. I couldn’t stomach it. I doused it in varnish remover and it was dead in less than thirty seconds.

I know it went straight to Hell. Well, maybe not.


One day, I’ll blog about why I HATE caterpillars.


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