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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

My Kid Killed My Computer--Oh, The Joys of Motherhood!

Well, the last 24 hours has been eventful and educational. It all started when my three-year-old came rushing to me and yelling, “Mommy! Mommy! There a tiny firework in puter! There a tiny fire!”

In my exhausted mind, I thought: What the heck could he be talking about?

So, I go on my way doing things as usual—watched a movie, did some yard work and went on a walk with the kiddos.

When I got back home from the walk around the block, I decided it was time to get on the computer and check on the scheduling of yesterday's blog. I sat my butt down on my comfy little dressing stool and fiddled with the mouse to wake my PC up.

Nothing happens.

Oh! I just forgot to turn the thing on…my mistake! Dummy me…or so I thought.

No matter how many times I push the power button, the computer won’t turn on.

Well, earlier Little Prince was under the desk…perhaps he just unplugged the power cord? I check it and nothing happens. Is the power strip plugged in and turned on? Yes, so what is the deal!

Then Little Prince’s exclamation from earlier registers to my worn out brain…"tiny firework in puter! There a tiny fire!”

I look at the power supply located at the rear of the computer and I notice a black soot mark where something had burned. I look at the floor next to the computer and notice a pair of kitchen scissors taken apart with one blade having some very suspicious burned, melted and scratched marks.

That little turkey stuck scissors into my computer and killed it!

(Side Note: My husband and I did figure out how to select and replace a power supply through all this. Thank goodness for that electronics store gift card I got from Verizon!)


A Mac said...

Ryan is crazy! Always getting into things!

hsearle said...

Hope the entire computer was not ruined. It sounds like it was only the power cord. I am about to get home this next week back to family life and the kids and wife etc. Hopefully I can be patient when I get home. We have not gone through any computers because of our kids, but we have lost a stereo in our car due to our daughter putting change into the cd and tape player, enough to make you want to scream. Talk to you later

Allie said...

I read another blog where the wife had mentioned her kids did the same as yours, Forrest...put money into the tape player of her car. She said that everytime they turned a corner, the coins would roll around inside and change the radio station. Oh my, hopefully you dont have that problem!

It was actually the power SUPPLY that my crazy kid caught on fire. We ended up going to an electronics store and getting a new one (and better) for $50. Thank Goodness though for the gift card or we would not have been able to purchase one...and I would have been up a creek without a paddle!

Samantha said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Shanna said...

I could not live without my computer. I cant believe he did that! Thats funny.

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