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Friday, August 8, 2008

Never Do Business With Hobson Air Conditioning and Heating (Comfort Experts)!

Read my post on October 16th, 2008 that explains another reason not to do business with Hobson HERE (link active 10/16/2008).

Okay, I am really frustrated and disappointed with our air conditioning and heating company. In May, we had a new HVAC system installed with Hobson Air Conditioning and Heating (Comfort Experts) based out of Weatherford, Texas. They are supposed to be the “Comfort Experts.” Instead they have turned out to be the “Never Show Up Experts.” Why, you ask?

Three months ago, I called Hobson Air Conditioning and Heating to get a quote on a new HVAC system as our old one had shut down (hey, it was 30 years old!). You know how the story goes…Hobson sent in their salesperson who gave us a one and a half hour spill on how energy efficient a new system is, the health benefits of a new system, the money you will be saving when you purchase a new system, how their company holds themselves up to the highest of standards, yada yada yada. Then the Hobson salesperson showed us his little chart with the pricing for a new HVAC system--$8000 for a three ton unit.

How I got ripped off:

Our air conditioning was out, so during this entire sales pitch my husband and I (not to mention our three little boys) were sweating great drops of saltwater in 95 degree heat—and to be honest with you, both of us really couldn’t at that point have cared about the pricing: we just wanted air conditioning. To make the deal even sweeter, the salesperson told my husband and I that Hobson would have a crew in two days to give us air conditioning. Great! Hobson installs the unit on the appointed day and we set the thermostat at 76 degrees to save some money.

Three months later:

It is 78 downstairs, it is 85 degrees upstairs, and it is 92 degrees in my office (and let’s not talk about the sweat dripping down my forehead at 7 PM).

So, I call Hobson to tell them to fix the cooling problem and Hobson tells me that they will have a technician out to determine what is going on. They better—they did guarantee our comfort.

The scheduled day comes and I get a call from dispatch telling me they are going to have to reschedule a technician to come out to my home. Some emergency had come up (they were probably selling someone else a new unit). I tell them fine, lets reschedule for next week at the same time.

That day arrives and Hobson calls me again to tell me that their technician is running late and will be with me just “as soon as possible, but before 5 PM.” Five o’clock comes and goes and I still hear nothing from them. I figure they have forgotten me until I get a call at 7:30 PM telling me that their technician is STILL working in my area and would I like to continue to wait? Whoa…just wait a minute! I didn’t even realize I was still waiting! Ok sure, even though I am really pissed at this point.

You’ve got to be kidding me, I asked myself. There is no reason why I should be having technicians coming to my home that late at night. I pick up the phone and dial their dispatch back to tell them I am going to have to reschedule, that it is just too late and I have other plans. No one answers Hobson’s phone! Argh! At 8:30, Hobson calls me back to tell me their technician is…yes…STILL working with another client. I think I am beginning to smell BS (no, that is not bologna slices). We reschedule for another day at the same time.

Well, today was supposed to be the big day. Hobson let me down again. They called me at 4:44 PM this afternoon to tell me their technician is….STILL working with another client. They were supposed to call me back with how long he was going to take. It is now 9:06 PM and I still have not heard from them. Sweat beads are forming on my face, I am wearing very little, and my family is BURNING UP in our house that Hobson was supposed to cool.

You know what Hobson? Take your stinking HVAC back and give me my money back—your company’s service is not worth beans!
The comments below are soley the OPINIONS of the respective readers of this blog. I do not know where they got them from! Please, back up any opinions with references, if available. Please keep your comments professional.


Allie said...

Update...Hobson called me at 10:00 PM to see if their tech could come out. Ummmmmm....NO! I am sleeping!!! What did ya think I would say!?!

Allie said...

Well, the VP of Sales's assistant called me yesterday morning...Hobson is sending out the VP to check my system. They think that I should have had a larger system all along. Problem is he wont make it out here for two weeks and you know that will just be two more weeks of a warm house and another $100 in electricity. Gee thanks Hobson!

Anonymous said...

well miss allie: now it is time to get TOUGH! tell them you are not a satisfied customer. tell them that not only can they replace your AC with a larger unit AT NO ADDITIONAL cost to you and that they should provide you with some kind of rebate to cover your additional electric expense. tell them the salesman should have known the AC unit would not have been sufficient to cool your home.

and next time, use someone who is in proximity of your home. did you check them out with the BBB b4 you decided to do business with them?


Allie said...

Actually, the business is local and well known throughout the DFW area. They have an office here in Lewisville and that is one of the reasons I chose them.

However, and after the fact, I am learning from other customers that they are slick salespeople with questionable ethics.

I still hope they will redeem themselves.

Yah right.

Shanna said...

WOW, you go girl! I would tell them to take it and shove it where the sun dont shine!

Michael said...

Beware of Hobson. Their techs have to authority to charge what they can get away with. I was not able to get anyone on the phone until they tried to run my credit card. The card did not go through because I put a hold on all transactions. I was able to cut $600 to $300.

If I didn't put that hold on my card they would have over charged me and would have continued to avoid my phone calls while promising that someone would call me back.

Since I was asked by a team lead to not call Hobson AC again looks like I'm going to happily go back to Metro Energy Savers.

Allie said...

Well, an update. Hobson came over last week and did their "thing." They said that they are going to blow insulation into the attic for free. I dont think it is going to help. Besides, they still owe me for $700 for work not performed. To be honest, I am getting a second opinion soon. There will be a future post later.

I am still not satisfied with Hobson. I really wish I would've gone with someone else.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your efforts. I have been in a 2.5 yr ordeal with Hobson/ Comfort. They are truly criminals. I paid approx. $10,000 for what should have been a $5000 AC system. I have since paid $10,000+ in attorney fees to try and get what I paid for. I was promised the "Comfort Guarantee", "Name Your on Price Discount", "Money Back" etc, etc. Each of the alleged guarantees was meaningless. I never got the system I was promised. In the summer time it is 86 degrees in my living room. Please anyone thinking of using them go to the BBB website. I wish several of the wronged consumers could get together and go the Texas Attorney General or Texas Department of Licensing and regulation. Good luck to all who have had dealings with them.

Allie said...

This post is one of my most popular readings and I have around ten views of this post alone each day.

I wonder when Hobson will decide to stop running thier business like a car lot.

Anonymous said...


do you mean a class action lawsuit?

Anonymous said...

Everyone who has a problem with Hobson/Comfort Experts needs to write to:

Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation
PO Box 12157, Austin, TX 78711


These are the people to get in touch with. They will look into it and you have a much better chance of getting something done.

Hobson is already under investigation and in danger of losing their license.

Anonymous said...

Hobsons is a SCAM! The Hobson brothers and Randy Watson all prey on innocent people who trust that people will do what they say... especially since "Hobsons is the only company willing to put it in writing." BUT let me tell you- It is not the salesperson's fault as the company purposely recruits people with NO PRIOR AC experience to push their bogus guarantees and emoty promises... THEN DOES NOT PAY THE SALESPERSON so they will leave before they figure it just how big the scam is!! This company is grossing over a million dollars in revenue EACH MONTH!! Brett Hobson constantly brags about his personal jet. They treat their employees the SAME as their customers!!!

Allie said...

After looking back at the situation and everything that took place, I can see why anonymous would say that it is lack of training for the salespeople that has contributed to my disatisfaction with Hobson.

I am seems like this last anonymous has some "insider" information that would make him/her think this way. Does he/she?

Anonymous said...

I I can't believe any of these guys can live w/ themselves. They take advantage of the most vulnerable among use and get rich in process.

I would be very interested to know from anyone w/ inside information if Philip R. Hobson has any day to day involvment in the air conditioning business.

As a side note, Philip R. Hobson (who's name is used to solicit business) is the head person at "The Promise" ( MAkes me question how legit that organization is.

O well, I hope they do some good.
I want to believe they will even if only by accident.

Does Brett Hobson Really own a jet?

Anonymous said...


Hobson BBB Report can be found here:

Yes, Phillip R Hobson is the head and is also listed as a contact for BBB.

Hobson made contributions to George Bush's campaign--PHILIP R HOBSON (HOBSON AIR CONDITIONING, INC), (Zip code: 76088) $250 to BUSH FOR PRESIDENT INC on 06/09/99


Private jet???

Anonymous said...

I am the wife of a former Hobson employee. I can tell you that the Hobson's are indeed crooks! They spin every single thing they tell their employees to make it seem like the money they will save their customers is real. My husband was far too trusting, as are so many of the people they recruit to sell their units. The turnover at their business is close to 100%. When my husband started working there, his "supervisor" had only been there for 9 months!

One of the previous bloggers mentioned not paying their employees. This is accurate! They owe my husband close to $1300. They're not going to pay him for close to $1000 of that because they said he did the paperwork wrong. This is just their scam to avoid having to pay their employees. THAT'S the other side of their money-making scheme.

AND, one of the previous bloggers also mentioned not getting return phone calls. This too is accurate. My husband has called and called and called. No one returns his calls anymore.


Anonymous said...

So, you feel you've been treated unfairly by Hobson as a consumer??? Hmmm...

You should really see how they treat their employees...

The lies they tell consumers are small in comparison to what they tell the sales staff.

"Professional Training Classes" that spend 1 day on HVAC and 3.5 days on the "pitch"...

Bogus BBB information because of "the volume of their business" compared to their competitors.

Here are the main characters: Brett Hobson, president, you will find him at Meachem airport where his B-29 bomber and his "regular" plane, Greg Hobson, who is over sales and offices in Weatherford, Randy Watson, in Weatherford also, who is in charge of operations (and whose wife Tess is also employed by these crooks), Brian Hobson, who is over service, (although I don't know much about him), Bo Smith, who's most famous line is "Do you want to be comfortable or do you want SEER?"

FYI - Hobson's "best" level 5 system priced at upwards of $20,000 is an Amana 18 SEER system which can be found on Ebay for $3,800. Now, ask yourself this: Is their guarantee really worth $16,200 even if they would honor it????

You might find some people of interest to you Tuesday's at 10am in Bedford. The Wells Fargo bank building 7th floor is the sales office...

Just sayin'...

Yeah, they owe me money too!

FYI - Never saw Phillip. Not sure he really knows what the boys are up to...

And if you want money from Hobson? Guess who approves THAT check? Cindy Orr. Sister of Brett, Brian and Greg... Or their accounting crony Diane.

Feel free to warn anyone you know, to copy and paste to other blogs this info.

ACgenius, Hobson AC, Comfort Experts... Suck!!!!

Anonymous said...

To anyone who has experience working for Hobson/ Comfort: Does Philip Hobson work full time in the business? Does he supervise the work performed? I ask this because they use his TDLR license to solicit business. Based on TDLR rules a licensee must work full time in the business (at least 40 hrs per week). It is my understand Philip Hobson (the father) does not even work in the business. Instead they just use his name and licensee number (a very low number). A clear violation of the TDLR rules. Then they claim they have been in business since 1962. All business actually goes to Comfort Experts Inc. They actually started business in 2000. Can any of you former employees confirm whether Philip Hobson works full time in the business (or at all)?

Anonymous said...

OK everyone....It is very clear that some of the folks on here are more than misinformed. IF Hobson constantly screws over their employees don't you think IF they were right they would pursue all legal actions available....or are they just a bunch of whiners?? As far as anyone who has posted here has Hobson NOT honored thier guarantees???? Have they not done what was on the contract you signed?? One thing to consider that Hobson has grown to the largest residential HVAC business in the metroplex....IF it was a business that took advantage of employees and customers how does such a thing happen???? Someone must be happy.... Run a business, mistakes are make...all one can do is to try to make it right, give them a chance.

Anonymous said...

If anyone has a REAL concern and wants it resolved you need to contact Lei Ann at Hobson Comfort Experts.
Per Brett Hobson he will stand behind all company promises and will pay anyone the company REALLY owes money to. So put up or shut up.

PS... No Jet!!

Anonymous said...

78 BBB complaints in 12 months. At this rate will have 236 complaints made to the BBB over a 36 month period. They are dishonest about their BBB complaints on their own websites. They have an unsatisfactory record w/ the BBB. That is not easy to do. Do you see many other large companies with an unsatisfactory record? I can't find many companies that have this rating. Hobson/ Comfort has had multiple bad faith lawsuits filed against them. Most they have settled prior to trail. They don't honor their guarantees and promises. They are extremely overpriced. They take advantage of the weakest among us. Search the web. The overwhelming majority of reviews on this company are negative. They are large because of their dishonest advertising (web, print, direct mail, radio, etc, etc) and their dishonest sales tactics.

Here is what Brett Hobson says about Comfort and the BBB.

Think that is true? Complaint ratio of 1 out of 1200? 98 complaints in 3 yrs? How many companies do you know that have to explain why they have a negative BBB rating? Working diligently to become a member of the BBB? They claim since 2005 they have had 98 complaints. The truth is they had had almost that many in 12months (78). The thing is snowballing on them. The ratio just keeps going up. Search the web. Look at all the reviews. Choose this company at your own risk. Let the buyer beware.

Anonymous said...

Tinman ...

Based on your pleasant demeanor and choice of words it is clear that you are one of the Hobson's or an employee.
I like your part about "As far as anyone who has posted here has Hobson NOT honored their guarantees???? Have they not done what was on the contract you signed??"
That is a very interesting choice of words.
A very common tactic of the Hobson's is to make promises in their advertising and then not list them on the actual sales contract. For example on their website they claim to offer the following guarantee:
Name Your Price Discount - If the installation or our people are not everything promised, you get to decide the value that your received. We will refund the amount you feel is fair.

If that sounds almost too good to be true, it is. In actuality the back of the contract put some very important additional limitations on the alleged guarantee. It states that the name your own price discount is limited to 25% of the cost and it is limited to the same day. The consumers are never advised of this in any advertising or by their salesperson. The most unscrupulous thing about this is that they interpret the 24 hours to be the same day. Therefore if the install is completed at 8-9:00 PM the consumer would have 3-4 hrs to demand the alleged guarantee.

The Hobson's believe that is ok to guarantee or promise anything in order to get a job. It is their belief that as long as it is never included in the actual sales contract that the promise or guarantee is not legally binding.

Nice coming from a company who also advertises

"The work that we do in your home is backed by the very best guarantees in the business. No fine print, No hidden "tricks.""

This is merely one of tactics that Brett and the Hobson/ Comfort crew use to separate consumers from their money.

More to follow....

Allie said...

Wow. I dont publish all comments on this post, because some comments left teeter on the edge of libel. However, I want to let the person know that left the last unpublished comment today that I feel your anger and betrayal. Personally, I abhor Hobson Air Conditioning and Heating and I find them all untrustworthy because of the experience I have had. Hobson still owes me $350 that they have put on a credit card to Citibank. The person that sold us our unit didnt know anything about airconditioning and doesnt work there anymore. In hindsight, I wish I would have gone with another company, such as Climate Care Air. Currently, I am weighing my options of taking Hobson to small claims court.

Anonymous said...

well here is some more info to help fuel the fire on this, from what i have heard they have had over 60 miscalculated heat loads this past summer, wow for some genius's that sure is a lot, and also to test there so called knowledge there new tech go through a 6 week course in house 4 days a week before the come to you, that is with no prior knowldge, and before that it was a two week trip to arkansas, how much faith do you have in them now??? they are a bunch of crooks there is no doubt about it. BEWARE OF HOBSON

That Guy........

Allie said...

After I had issues with Hobson, I had another company perform a Heat Load Analysis in which this other company reccommended a bigger unit than the one Hobson sold me. My other unit was not cooling my home properly. Of course, after I showed this to Hobson, Hobson agreed to install a larger tonage...the same week temps dropped and I no longer needed air conditioning.

Additionally, Hobson called me about three or four weeks ago wanting to set up a meeting for me to give them a good review. My husband answered and set it up. Guess what--Hobson called the afternoon of the meeting to RESCHEDULE ONCE AGAIN! I told them I didnt need them to come to my house. Sheesh!

Anonymous said...


I really appreciate you allowing us to post comments about our experiences w/ Comfort Experts and Hobson Air. I think everyone should be aware of their latest Better Business Bureau report. Under the new grading system used by the BBB Hobson / Comfort experts "earned" a literal F rating (the worst possible). I would encourage anyone who has a negative experience with them or has been mislead or out right cheated to please contact the appropriate authorities (TDLR, BBB, Attorney General, etc). These guys prey on the people who will not or can not defend themselves. They realize the vast majority of people just give up after weeks or months of fighting with them. Here is the link showing their F rating w/ the BBB ( Good luck to all.

Anonymous said...


I really appreciate you allowing us to post comments about our experiences w/ Comfort Experts and Hobson Air. I think everyone should be aware of their latest Better Business Bureau report. Under the new grading system used by the BBB Hobson / Comfort experts "earned" a literal F rating (the worst possible). I would encourage anyone who has a negative experience with them or has been mislead or out right cheated to please contact the appropriate authorities (TDLR, BBB, Attorney General, etc). These guys prey on the people who will not or can not defend themselves. They realize the vast majority of people just give up after weeks or months of fighting with them. Here is the link showing their F rating w/ the BBB ( Good luck to all.

Anonymous said...

I in fact was a comfort experts employee for longer than i would recommend. This company not only lies and cheats it customers but it does it to there own employees aswell. They owe me over $9000.00 and i have won a state appeal about this. It is unrealistic how a company with an owner that sponsors "The promise" would let his sons ruin his name. I never knew Phillip real well but i heard decent things about him. IT is agian hard to believe that he would let his son's and there GM Randy Watson ruin his good name. I would have to assume that Phillip did buisness the right way because i had countless Hobson's customers that was loyal to that name. The sad thing is that Brett and Gregg started Comfort Experts in 2000 and has basically ruined in 8 years what it took there father 40 years to build. I would personally think that Phillip has to be devastated by this. But Sometimes you never know "the apple never falls from the tree". I HOPE THIS ISNT THE CASE....... As far Brett haveing a jett, the answer is yes last i heard a=he had two twin engines cessna which i believe classifys as a jett ( i think) he also has a b25 bomber that they are very proud of. .......Buyers beware Comfort Experts is changeing there name to another name i will update soon as possible it is somettype of a solar system company. The rumor is that they may file bankruptcy to avoid paying also these claims. Could that be why this new company has been invented by Brett?? Only time will tell.... I hope you have a great day. And what a great website to inform the masses of this evil!!!

Anonymous said...

Philip devastated?!!!! give me a break he taught his boys everthing they know.

Philip was the master of selling used equipment as new!

They are all crooks and should be thrown in jail!!

ron said...

After reading all of the comments, I thought it was my situation being talked about. I had my A/C unit installed in June and it still wasn't any good in October. My upstairs media room never cooled below 85 degrees. My electric bills ran over a $1,000.00 a month. I had Bo and Greg come out and try to convince me that everything was OK and I kicked them out of my house. I had another unit fixed by a different company and they said the return air ducts for the Hobson unit was too small, plus the ducting where it connects to the blower unit was leaking. How do we run this outfit out of business. A class action suit to recover what I got cheated out of (so the head of the company can no longer have airplanes) sounds good to me.

Kathy U said...

They are reaping what they sow. I think their website is shut down now (or overloaded with hits since Dave Lieber ran his column on their cheating ways in the Star Telegram-May 09). The father is not honest either, he is the one that screwed me in 1979. He taught the sons all that they know. I have bad mouthed this company for all these years to anyone that owned a home. They mass mail their advertising and get new victims all the time. All those years ago and finally.....justice in the form of "revenge" and it is by their own hands!

Screwed Up Texan said...

Indeed, was down as of today, Memorial Day of 2009. Now that there is one case that has been fought and won against this terrible company, I will be following suit after consultation with an attorney. Hobson owes me nearly $9000, plus has promised me mulitple times to remedy. They have never made good on their promises. I dont want them in my home, I dont want their inferior overpriced product. I want my money back and the HVAC system out of my home. A new thermostat would have fixed my original problem.

Screwed Up Texan said...

For those interested, Dave Lieber of Consumer Watchdog has posted a very revealing article on Hobson. You can find the article here:

Originally posted by the Star-Telegram on May 23, 2009.

Anonymous said...

As a former Hobsons/CE employee, I must say I predicted everything that has unfolded since May of this year. That being said, I really appreciate the consumers like yourselves who are making unsuspecting customers aware. I cant even begin to explain the things Ive seen them do to their customers as well as the employees.
I worked for them for a long, grueling 3months last summer. In that time, I worked on average 80-90hrs per week, no bs. Which I cant really say I was ever paid for. Because the pay only on commission, I emember having questions that nobody was willing to answer, eventually I gave up.The last straw for me was when I condemned a air conditioner, because the compressor shorted out(it was over 20yrs)they came out and sold this little old widowed lady that was on fixed income, a 13 seer GOODMAN(which is no other than an Janijunk)for $13,000which any hvac contractor can buy for less than $2000 and install for less than $5000. Well after expressing my disbelief of their lack of integrity, and publicly being shunned by management, I decided to move on. When they found my resume on the internet, once again I was humiliated in front of the entire staff in one of our weekly meeting.By the way I can confirm that Brett has a jet.Also they really teach the sales staff that they are providing a moral service, under the guise of being CHRISTIAN people.Fortunately for me I had close to 10 yrs of experiance before I worked here.I challenge all to get a second opinionif it smells fishy, and dont be intimitaded by their pushyness.I remember their Head TECH Ralph cussing out techs that wouldnt sell extra products or wouldnt set
hour passes and a comfort ADVISOR shows up and begins measuring your house for the heatload calculation(making a big deal about it along the way, possibly telling you that other companies wont take the time like he did)after this he will ask alot of questions(zig ziglar selling 101 asking rhetoric questions that puts you in a position to constantly say YES)after this comes the barrage of all the info, of les then half you will remember or even care. He will go over all the bs trademarked guarentees and how professional they are , then he will make you decide which unit you want out of tiered selection of 5levels what you dont know is that the first 3 are the same unit but all have different warranties. He will never mention the factorie warranty. And also he wont tell you that after the first free year of maintenance after installation you will have to renew at $200 per year for them to warranty your unit. And if their is any gap in between renewing a maintenance agreement,which are called clubs, that whatever warranty you thought you had is then void.On top of that, if you do decide to say yes to their overpriced no name system , beware because they are going to try to install before to have your 3 days right of recension, which is your timeframe to back out , legally.I am sorry That I ahve ranted for so long but please BEWARE OF THESE PEOPLE
Also I would like to add that that I believe working at a place like that was good in the way , it teaches you how not to be with customers. A year has passed and now I am licensed HVAC contractor in the great state of TEXAS And have zero complaints because I understand the importance of customer service. Also I wil be willing togive free second opinions to all people who have been duped by these people
817 920-9196

Anonymous said...

Oh, how the mighty have fallen!!!! Who is trash now Brett?? I will be seeing u on channel 5 real soon! I here they are doing a nice little story on you real soon. I WONDER, HOW DO THESE STORIES KEEP GETTING OUT??


Anonymous said...

I've caught Hobson / Comfort Experts in willful deceitful lies, and contacted the BBB, TDLR, TX AG, FTC, and Chamber of Commerce about these companies violating many counts of the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices - Consumer Protection Act. I have recorded all my conversations with them to have proof they contradict themselves and what is in the contract. Hobson / Comfort Experts charged me $764 for 2 hours work --- the equivalent of over $400/hr labor, of which Mr. Hobson said was fair --- that there is something wrong with businesses that charge only $60/hr for the exact same service/repair. The part they replaced broke and was replaced by another company for under $200 for what Hobson charged me over $800. I have everything documented and will see them in small claims soon.

Anonymous said...

These folks still exist and I ended up being a victim to their tune-up special. The technician was clueless and tried to sell $1500 worth of parts+labor. Got a second opinion, checked on the internet and quickly found that these guys are a fraud.

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