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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

First Day of School!

It was Scientist’s first day at kindergarten Monday! The morning started quite serious with Scientist proclaiming, “Mommy, today I am going to Kindergarten. Next year, I am going to high school and the next year college. Then, after college, I am going to make my own family.” Whoa! My five-year-old already has his life planned out!

When we got to school, my four-year-old decided to sneak off when Scientist got in line for class. You see, my four-year-old really thought he was going to school (he had been planning for it all summer long). As I frantically searched the hallways and main office, Elvis chatted with the school’s principal. What a relief when I did find him to know that he was in safe arms! Scientist, he walked straight to his classroom as happy as can be. Sadly, especially for Elvis, we had to leave school and walk home. Poor boy, he cried the entire two blocks.

And here is a picture of Elvis being serious:

We picked up Scientist at three o’clock. Cowboy asked Scientist how his first day of school went. “Not so good,” Scientist said.

“Why, what happened?” asked Cowboy.

“My class was boring!” explained Scientist.

Oh no! I hope we’re not off to a bad start…hopefully he was just bored with all the rules that come with school. But then again, he is a serious boy.

What do you remember about your or your child’s first day of school?


Kristi said...

I remember all the parents gathered to put their kindergarteners on the bus. It was obvious that the parents were much more distressed than the kids were!

Allie said...

I was just so happy to be one kid less for a while...and I am not ashamed to say it! LOL

(Three boys are more than a handful...literally.)

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